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2008 (20)
Dec 9 2008 11:58AM
Charter 08

On the eve of 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declarationof Human Rights, more than 300 scholars, journalists, freelance writers andactivists in Mainland China,signed Charter 08 (Chinese version and English Version ) which called for...

Nov 25 2008 9:15PM
Yang Jia to be executed within a week

TheSupreme Court of P.R. China has upheld Yang Jia's death sentence (…).According to China's Criminal Precedure Law, Yang Jia shall be executedwithin...

Nov 16 2008 7:17PM
Tibetans pain, whose shame?

On Friday 14 November 2008, Tibetans and supporters protested outside Chatham House at St James Square, against Zhu Weiqun, a vice-minister of Chinese Communist Party's United Front Work Department. For detailed report, please see and...

Sep 11 2008 11:25PM
" How China Is Read"

Hu Ping's article: " How China Is Read "

Sep 9 2008 3:40PM
Yang Jia has a right to a fair trial and Abolition of the death penalty

According to Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Everyone has a right to a fair trial. Amnesty International mission is for an end to the use of the death penalty in the world. Yang Jia had not got a fair trial but he was sentenced...

Aug 26 2008 1:39PM
Please Gordon Brown go and visit Human Rights Defenders and their home address in Beijing

The Open Letter to Gordon Brown were handed in PM Office, 11 Downing Street, at 14.30 on August 21 (Time in London) by five petitioners. Meanwhile I emailed the letter to Cabinet Office because the e-Petitions service is closed . The...

Aug 19 2008 8:27PM
An Open Letter to Gordon Brown

1 August 2008 The Right Honourable Gordon Brown, MP Prime Minister 10 Downing Street London SW1 Dear Sir, Re: Please Raise China's Human Rights Issue During Your Visit to Beijing Weare writing as Members of European and UK Parliaments...

Aug 17 2008 12:38AM
London Protest on 16 August 2008

London Protest on 16 August 2008

Aug 14 2008 6:56PM
Who Are The Main Beneficiaries Of Bloody Olympics And Chinas Development Model?

The Communist Party (the CCP) regime killed thousands of people, tortured half million of petitioners, arrested tens of thousands of human rights defenders, brutally evicted millions of people without compensation or fair when Beijing...

Jul 14 2008 9:19AM
Safeguard our own democracy!

Recently someleaders in democratic countries including Japan, Australia, France andthe US, have either announced or indicated their decisions to attendthe opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. I have no doubt that suchirresponsible...

Jul 3 2008 3:33PM
Wengan Mass Incident and Continuous repression

In Wengan Mass Incident, a few people were killed and hundreds of people were arrested by Chinese authorities. Please refer to Girl’s Death Sparks Rioting In China Continuous repression against people before Beijing Olympics Please...

Jun 19 2008 3:11PM


Jun 13 2008 1:03PM
Support the Tiananmen Mothers. Please join the petition

"Tiananmen Mothers are the mothers and family members of the victims who were killed or injured in the June Fourth Massacre in Beijing, China in 1989. After the massacre, they grouped together and have been trying to gather information...

Jun 4 2008 3:35PM

Liu Xiaobo, a writer and Tiananmen survivor, was beaten by policemen and has been put into a black cell today. Please refer to the websites. Tens of Human Rights...

May 15 2008 6:27PM
Do not block humanitarian aid

Citizenswho have been hit by Cyclone Nargis in Burma and citizens who have been hit byearthquake in China have rights to get aid from outside their countriesdirectly. No authorities should be entitled to block the aid. Professional aid...

Apr 28 2008 12:43PM
Tibet update

Source: China Digital Times These updates of recent events since 10 March 2008 in Tibet and Tibetan areas of China have been posted on Woeser’s blog . They have been provided by sources inside China and have not been independently...

Apr 7 2008 3:25AM
London Protest Video

Release Hu Jia Protest in front of the British Museum Protest in front of Downing Street Protest Images http://www...

Apr 5 2008 11:00PM
London Protest

We demand: ‧ Release Hu Jia and all other prisoners of conscience! ‧ Stop the suppression of Tibetans and Chinese! ‧ Independent media reports! ‧ Exiles want to return home!

Mar 18 2008 3:30PM
Tibet and Beijing Olympics

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime has repressed civil rights in Tibet for over 40 years. Last week, the regime claimed that peaceful protesters were in riot in Tibet. The regime cleaned up all foreign media and all potential...

Jan 22 2008 10:47AM
An Open Letter to Gordon Brown

On 17 January, I sent a letter to Gordon Brown as he is visiting China this month . I have asked him to raise some issues with the Chinese government, especially concerning the deterioration of the human rights records in China and the...