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Tibet and Beijing Olympics

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regime has repressed civil rights in Tibet for over 40 years. Last week, the regime claimed that peaceful protesters were in riot in Tibet. The regime cleaned up all foreign media and all potential observers in sensitive areas and prohibited any information and investigation except the government monopoly propaganda.

Similar control methods were used by the CCP in Tibet in March 1989 and in Beijing in June 1989. For example, the CCP regime used propaganda when they said to ‘rescue people including three Japanese Journalists’(please see ), compared with ‘protecting civilians’ life and property  in Tibet Massacre and Beijing Massacre in 1989. The CCP regime claimed ‘No Use of Lethal Weapons on Rioters’, compared with ‘not shooting deaths within Tiananmen Square itself’  

Now the regime does not mention if there were not shot deaths at Tiananmen Square in 1989. But it has to weave new lies to cover its new atrocities.

Blood in Tibet is not an isolated case. The regime also repressed peaceful protests and petitions before Beijing Olympics.

Please refer to

We need to co-ordinate and cooperate with network actions at least in the following aspects:

  • Call on the CCP regime to stop killing and arresting peaceful protestors and petitioners and monitor and be on the alert for China’s regime’s lies and its methods to separate international corrective pressures from international democratic communities.
  • Members of NGOs, journalists and citizens in the world should be encourage to enter Tibet or any sensitive areas to document the killings, arrests and ill treatments and to make sure those crimes are investigated properly, and to provide essential support for the victims and their families.
  • Monitor the way protestors and prisoners of conscience are treated by authorities. Put pressure to avoid any brutal repression, in case the CCP authorities change repression methods, from public murder to secret killing or ill treatments
  • Freeze bank accounts of the CCP high officials who involve into genocide
  • Citizens around the world should monitor and stop their countries’ government and business companies to help the CCP repression. Please document the organizations and assist Tibetan citizens to sue violators of human rights in international courts and courts in democratic countries.
  • Please participators and auditors of Beijing Olympics go and visit jails, victims' families and monasteries in Tibet, before during and after Beijing Olympics
  • The CCP government could suppress this protest. However, it is impossible for the CCP government to root out civil resistance because the totalitarian system continues to cause more injustice and atrocities. The Illuminated truth and justice will stimulate changeable, creative, collective and widespread oppositions in global scene.

    When people decide they want to be free, there is nothing that can stop them.’ (DESMOND TUTU)

    Free Tibet! Free China!

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