Please Gordon Brown go and visit Human Rights Defenders and their home address in Beijing

The Open Letter to Gordon Brown were handed in PM Office, 11 Downing Street, at 14.30 on August 21 (Time in London) by five petitioners. Meanwhile I emailed the letter to Cabinet Office because the e-Petitions service is closed.

The number of petitioners was forty by 9am August 21. The letters included their comments   

Please continue to support our petition. If you wish to support the open letter in English, please send youname, country or city of residency, affiliation or profession, to, or go to petition website in Chinese

I will email new petitioners’ names and comments to Cabinet Office from time to time.


The letter includes the attached file, List of 82 prisoners of conscience. The list is only the tip of the iceberg of prisoners of conscience in Mainland China.  We demand that Gordon Brown put pressure to release all prisoners of conscience, including the persons in the open letter that are listed, and other political prisoners such as Hu Shigen, Wang Bingzhang, Hada (Mongolian Dissident), Tenzin Delek Rinpoche (Tibetan Monk), Abdulghani Memetemin, (Uighur Dissident).Let us monitor Prime Minister’s speech and action during his visit in Beijing.

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