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August 2008 (4)
Aug 26 2008 1:39PM
Please Gordon Brown go and visit Human Rights Defenders and their home address in Beijing

The Open Letter to Gordon Brown were handed in PM Office, 11 Downing Street, at 14.30 on August 21 (Time in London) by five petitioners. Meanwhile I emailed the letter to Cabinet Office because the e-Petitions service is closed . The...

Aug 19 2008 8:27PM
An Open Letter to Gordon Brown

1 August 2008 The Right Honourable Gordon Brown, MP Prime Minister 10 Downing Street London SW1 Dear Sir, Re: Please Raise China's Human Rights Issue During Your Visit to Beijing Weare writing as Members of European and UK Parliaments...

Aug 17 2008 12:38AM
London Protest on 16 August 2008

London Protest on 16 August 2008

Aug 14 2008 6:56PM
Who Are The Main Beneficiaries Of Bloody Olympics And Chinas Development Model?

The Communist Party (the CCP) regime killed thousands of people, tortured half million of petitioners, arrested tens of thousands of human rights defenders, brutally evicted millions of people without compensation or fair when Beijing...