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Who Are The Main Beneficiaries Of Bloody Olympics And Chinas Development Model?

The Communist Party (the CCP) regime killed thousands of people, tortured half million of petitioners, arrested tens of thousands of human rights defenders, brutally evicted millions of people without compensation or fair when Beijing Olympics was prepared and is going on. Meanwhile Beijing Olympics gives the government and its interested groups a chance to spread more extreme nationalism propaganda and launder money.Beijing authority and its proxy agent around the world boast the economic success all the time. The Question is who gets what when how.According to the analysis of Professor Chen Zhiwu in Yale University, ‘after accounting for inflation, from 1995 to 2007, government revenues increased 5.7 times. At the same time, the per capita disposable income for city and town residents' only increased by a factor of 1.4, while farmers' per capita disposable income increased by a factor of 1.2. Tax revenue is only the most obvious parts of government revenue. In reality, the government is China's largest holder of assets, so as the country's economy has developed, the increase in value of government owned enterprises, public land, and mineral resources is greater than that of tax revenue. The speed of increase is also faster. More than 76% of assets in China are owned by the state, leaving the people with less than 25%. Counting allocable revenue from assets along with the 5.1 trillion RMB in tax revenue, last year the government's total allocable revenue was 15.7 trillion RMB.’“According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Chinese cities hold 20% of the country's population, but 80% of its medical resources.  In 2003, the latest national health survey revealed that about 73% of people in rural areas who should have sought medical treatment chose not to do so because of the spiraling cost.  In urban areas, the figure is 64 percent. The rural residents suffer the most and cannot afford basic medical care. The rural urban health gap will not be resolved easily because of China’s traditional discrimination against and neglect of rural population.” (WHO, 2004) This situation has not changed at all up to now.In fact, Professor Chen and WHO only get the data of official publication that usually shows positive side of China. The real China is worse than Professor Chen and WHO characterize.  Let us look at two data according to unofficial research below.The lost state property in Mainland China every year is at least 5% of GDP. The looters are the officials and developers.  Thus, the distribution and redistribution of Income is much uneven. For half of the entire population in Mainland China, their living standard almost remains unchangeable since 1995 although China’s economic growth mainly results from their effort. The profit of  China’s economic growth has been looted by the Communist Party regime, its internal interested groups and relevant external crony. The external crony include foreign leaders and propagandists who make a great deal with the CCP regime, foreign companies which help the CCP repress workers’ rights and human rights. All of them are also the beneficiaries of the Genocide Olympics.

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