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2009 (74)
Dec 31 2009 11:01AM
Yellow Ribbon, Wild Pigeon, Leaving Fear Behind

Today seesthe beginning of the second decade of the 21st century. We are gathering hereto express our continuing resistance against the tyrannical rule of the ChineseCommunist Party, our contempt for such a coward regime that dare not...

Dec 30 2009 1:37PM
Freedom Is Invaluable

The Iranian authorities shut down internet, monitored mobilephone text messages, but the Iranian people have been circulating their slogansand information on the banknotes. Iran’s regime has claimed to invalidate thebanknotes, but they...

Dec 25 2009 2:02PM
Charter 08 saw more signatories after Liu Xiaobo's sentence to 11-year imprisonment

Charter 08 saw more signatories after the announcement of Liu Xiaobo’s sentence of 11-year imprisonment. If you wish to support Charter 08 ( in English ), pleasesend your name, country or city of residency, affiliation or profession...

Dec 25 2009 2:40AM
Liu Xiaobo was sentenced to  11 years in prison

Liu Xiaobo was sentenced to 11 years in prison, plus 2 years' deprivation of political rights. Please refer to NYT article. Please read Liu's trial report in NYT. Please read BBC report Please watch CNN

Dec 23 2009 9:18AM
Tens of Human Rights Defenders were arrested during Liu Xiaobos Trial

Many Netizens and Human Rights Defenders with yellow ribbons stood outside the court during Liu Xiaobo’s Trial Liu Xiaobo's lawyer was pushed away from jouralists. The man with the banner disappeared. Tens of petitioners with yellow...

Dec 22 2009 1:27PM
Liu Xiaobos Trial a Travesty of Justice

Liu Xiaobo's trial is due to open on the morning of December 23 in Beijing. Please refer to the article of Human Rights Watch below: Liu Xiaobo’s Trial a Travesty of Justice If you are a twitter user, hope to support yellow ribbon to...

Dec 17 2009 7:32AM
Citizens were forced to set themselves alight to stop the government from demolishing their home

47-year-old Tang Fuzhen tried to stop the government from demolishing her home. She was forced to set herself alight. See refer to BBC article More people are forcefully evicted . Such forced eviction is the removal of people against...

Dec 13 2009 10:55AM
Please support Spain to uphold the principle of universal jurisdiction

Spanish court began to investigate the lawsuits that the CCPtop leaders including Hu Jintao and Jiang Zemin have committed crimes againsthumanity. Spain will be Presidency of the Council of the EuropeanUnion in the first half of 2010...

Dec 9 2009 10:25PM

HUMANRIGHTS ARE UNIVERSAL – CHINA CANNOT BE ALLOWED TO REMAIN AN EXCEPTION Chinese,Uighur & Tibetan Solidarity UK calls on the Chinese Communist Party torespect and uphold the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Today seesthe 61st...

Dec 9 2009 10:20PM
Urgent Action-- Human Rights Day in China:  Liu Xiaobo Accused of Major Crime for Drafting Charter 08  

(Chinese HumanRights Defenders, December 9, 2009) – According to documents submittedby theBeijing Public Security Bureau (PSB) to the Beijing MunicipalProcuratorate atthe conclusion of the PSB’s investigation, detained activist...

Dec 8 2009 9:15PM
Liu Xiaobo and Charter 08

Freedomof Expression LiuXiaobo’s Case Transferred to Procuratorate after One Year in Detention At2:30 pm onDecember 8, Shang Baojun (尚宝军),lawyer for detainedactivist and intellectual Liu Xiaobo (刘晓波),received a notice fromauthorities...

Nov 13 2009 6:22PM
China activist 'in airport limbo'

Feng Zhenghu , a prominent Chinese dissident, has been stuck in limbo atTokyo airport for nine days because China refuses to let him returnhome. Feng's interview video Feng's Twitter If you pass by South Wing,Terminal 1, Narita...

Nov 13 2009 6:04PM
Open letter to President Obama

DearPresident Obama, Iam a former political prisoner from China living in exile in London. Learningthat you are visiting Beijing in the near future, I ask you to take concreteactions and speak up against the deteriorating human rights...

Oct 27 2009 9:59AM
Death Penalty:  Continuous Massacres

Chinese Communist regime has executed three Tibetans,Lobsang Gyaltsen, Loyak, and Penkyi for their alleged involvement in the March2008 protests. The executions took place in Lhasa, Tibet's capital, on October20th, 2009. There are...

Oct 3 2009 9:05AM
London Protest: END 60 YEARS OF OPPRESSION IN CHINA; Vigil: Remembering the victims of 60 years of oppression in China

Vigil: Remembering the victims of 60 years of oppression in China Tibetan, Uighur groups decry China's "tyrannical rule" (Monsters & Critics) China Rights Supports Protest at London's Chinese Embassy (NDTV) (includes link to 3 min 37...

Sep 30 2009 3:52PM

Statementby Chinese, Uighur & Tibetan Solidarity UK on the occasion of the 60thanniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China. We are agroup of people from China, Tibet and East Turkestan who stand united inopposition to...

Aug 12 2009 3:35PM
Police Bar Public from Attending Trial of Earthquake Investigator Tan Zuoren

shabby building video (Chinese Human Rights Defenders, August 12, 2009)-- Tan Zuoren (谭作人),a Sichuan activist detained for “inciting subversion of state power”,was tried today by the Chengdu City Intermediate People’s Court inSichuan...

Aug 9 2009 3:02AM
Final Document of the 2009 Sino-Tibetan Conference Finding Common Ground

Final Document of the 2009 Sino-Tibetan Conference ‘Finding Common Ground’ In Chinese Version: 2009年日内瓦汉藏会议共识

Aug 4 2009 6:41PM
Send postcards to conscience of prisoners

Send postcards to conscience of prisoners

Jul 30 2009 5:54PM
Police Take Away Xu Zhiyong, Leader of Barred NGO

From: ChineseHuman Rights Defenders(CHRD) (Chinese Human Rights Defenders- July 30, 2009) – CHRDlearned today that Xu Zhiyong (许志永),director of the recently-banned legal aid center Open ConstitutionInitiative (alsoknown as Gongmeng [公盟...