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Death Penalty:  Continuous Massacres

Chinese Communist regime has executed three Tibetans,Lobsang Gyaltsen, Loyak, and Penkyi for their alleged involvement in the March2008 protests. The executions took place in Lhasa, Tibet's capital, on October20th, 2009. There are reports from Tibet that a fourth execution may have takenplace. Moreover, Seven people including six Uighur and a Chinese were sentencedto death in this month. 

The Political and legal committee inside the ChineseCommunist Party (CCP) controls trial procedure and result in all big cases. Inthese trials above, there was no fair trial in accordance with international law and Human Rights law.Such trial is only a way to justify the CCPs  violent repression and wield its tyrannical rule.


In December 2007, China voted against a UN General Assemblyresolution calling for a worldwide moratorium on executions.The CCP keeps the death penalty in order to maintain its monopoly power anddeprived of peoples rights as citizens. Meanwhile The CCP executed these people in a rush and harsh in order tohide relevant truths and destroy evidence that the CCP provokes hatred betweenHan Chinese and other nations and made bloodshed against peaceful protesters.


All democratic countries should regard such death penalty ofthe CCP as continuous massacres. Citizens around the world and democraticcountries take bold and concrete action to end the tyrannical rule of the CCP.


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