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Liu Xiaobo and Charter 08

Freedomof ExpressionLiuXiaobo’s Case Transferred to Procuratorate after One Year in DetentionAt2:30 pm onDecember 8, Shang Baojun (尚宝军),lawyer for detainedactivist and intellectual Liu Xiaobo (刘晓波),received a notice fromauthorities that his client's case had been transferred to the BeijingMunicipalProcuratorate. This marks the end of the “investigation period,” whichbeganwith Liu’s formal arrest on June 23, 2009. Shang plans to meet with theprosecutor tomorrow, and hopes to be able to obtain a copy of theindictmentfor review. According to Article 138 of the Criminal Procedural Law, "APeople's Procuratorate shall make a decision [whether to initiateprosecution]within one month on a case that a public security organ has transferredto itwith a recommendation to initiate a prosecution; an extension of a halfmonthmay be allowed for major or complex cases." Today is the one-yearanniversary of the beginning of Liu's detention for leading thesignature drivefor Charter 08. (CHRD)[i]GuangdongProfessor Loses Job Because of Political ExpressionCHRDlearned today that Wang Qingying (王清营),a professor of economics at Guangdong University of Technology’s HualiCollege,has been forced to resign from his teaching post under pressure fromschoolauthorities. Wang, a Charter 08signatory, recently joined fellow dissidents in an outing to Guangzhou'sBaiyun Mountain during which they woret-shirtsbearing the slogan "One Party Dictatorship is a Disaster." (CHRD)[ii]Editors:David Smallsand Lin SangNewsupdates from CHRD: Reiningin Civil Society: TheChinese government’s use of laws and regulations to persecute freedomofassociation CHRDYearbook:   Charter 08 Signatories Called for the Release of Liu Xiaobo  

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