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2007 (11)
Dec 5 2007 4:19PM
Victims under the totalitarian power in China

One of the most brutal genocide in human history has been created after 1949 in Mainland China. At least fifty millions people died from execution, hunger and torture, compared with the total figure for military and civilian death: 56...

Dec 4 2007 12:33PM
Where is China or the world going?

The totalitarian power of the CCP (Communist Party of China) continues to repress a growing civil society in China and cooperates with outside actors who benefit from the repression. The question is frequently mentioned: Where is China...

Nov 22 2007 5:32PM
Unsafe daily life

Ordinary Chinese suffer from unsafe life in many aspects: Ordinary Chinese often have a risk to eat toxic food, polluted water and environmental disasters. Continuous tragedies: Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), Aids blood...

Oct 8 2007 2:29PM
Harmonious Society?

How does the Communist Party justify its power? The Communist Party propaganda slogan is Harmonious Society. How does the CCP set up its harmonious society? Political and civil rights are brutally suppressed by the CCP power. Li Heping...

Oct 1 2007 12:42PM
Burma and China

China’s totalitarian regime has supported Myanmar’s militaryauthoritarian regime for 40 years. Current peaceful and braveprotesters, standing on their dignity, reminds us of Burma prodemocracy movement in 1988 and later, and its...

Sep 24 2007 6:16PM
Yu Zhuos death

Yu Zhuo was a leading student activist in 1989 pro democracy movement in Wuhan city, Hubei Province. He was released after serving three year-prison. On 18 December 1997, he disappeared in Shenzheng city, Guangdong province. After...

Sep 8 2007 6:16PM
Beijing Olympics and human rights abuses

During Beijing Olympics bid, China promised to improve human rights. But they broke their promises, and have carried on committing more human rights abuses. The following cases are only the tip of the iceberg of human rights abuses. Yu...

Aug 31 2007 4:31PM
Beijing Massacre in 1989

As one of many survivals in non-violent Tiananmen protests in Beijing 1989, I am often haunted by blood and bodies, and I would never forget brave Chinese citizens who defended their civil and political rights. In March 2004, Ding...

Aug 7 2007 12:55PM
Universal Standards of Human rights

Chinese scholars and citizens petitioned the Chinese regime to take actions to improve human rights, the open letter “One World, One Dream, and Universal Human Rights ” also wrote to worldwide citizens who seek to protect human rights...

Aug 6 2007 7:09PM
Monitor the Chinese authorities and strive for human rights

Amnesty International urges the Chinese authorities to press ahead with reforms in the run-up to the Beijing Olympics. Nine French non-governmental organisations ( Action des chretiens pour labolition de la torture , Agir pour les...

Aug 2 2007 1:52PM
China and The Olympics

On 8 August 2008, the Olympics ceremony will take place in Beijing. What is the Olympic spirit? Is it to advance human dignity, or to propaganda an extreme nationalism to add legitimacy to the host regime and launder money for the...