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Burma and China

China’s totalitarian regime has supported Myanmar’s militaryauthoritarian regime for 40 years. Current peaceful and braveprotesters, standing on their dignity, reminds us of Burma prodemocracy movement in 1988 and later, and its counter part in China in1989. Brutal repressions remind us of citizens’ solidarity around theworld. We need to co-ordinate and cooperate with network actions atleast in the following aspects:

  • Call on China to stop their support to the Burma’s authorities and monitor and be on the alert for China’s regime’s lies and interested methods to separate international corrective pressures from international democratic communities.>
  • NGOs and citizens in the world to begin to document the killings, arrests and ill treatments and to make sure those crimes are investigated properly, and to provide essential support for the victims and their families.
  • Monitor the way protestors are treated by authorities. Put pressure to avoid any brutal repression, in case Burma authorities change repression methods, from public murder to secret killing or ill treatments.
  • Freeze bank accounts of Burma’s high officials (the US began to do), Now Switzerland, EU, Japan, India and any other Democratic countries should follow the US example.
  • Citizens around the world should monitor and stop their countries’ government and business companies to help Burma’s regime’s repression. Please document the organizations and assist Burma’s citizens to sue violators of human rights in international courts and courts in democratic countries.
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