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An Open Letter to Gordon Brown

1 August 2008 The Right Honourable Gordon Brown, MPPrime Minister10 Downing StreetLondon SW1 Dear Sir, Re: Please Raise China's Human Rights Issue During Your Visit to Beijing Weare writing as Members of European and UK Parliaments,representativesof Chinese NGOs and some individual citizens around the world listedbelow and requesting you to raise human rights issue to the leaders ofthe Communist China during your visit to Beijing. We would be verygrateful if you could also visit any of the victims listed below ortheir family members. As we all know that the Chinese Communist Regime has made a promiseto improve its human rights records when China was awarded to host 2008Olympics. According to Amnesty International, "In fact, the crackdownon human rights defenders, journalists and lawyers has intensifiedbecause Beijing is hosting the Olympics." [AI report published in July2008: The Olympics countdown – broken promises]. Typical examples areshooting in Tibet carried out in March this year, large scale arrest ofdissidents before Olympics, media and internet control, crackdown offamily churches, torture during detention, organ harvesting from liveFalun Gong practitioners, …… Where China is moving toward is becoming crucial to the globalscene, as the world is starting to share a common lot as people inMainland China. We demand that you put pressure to release allprisoners of conscience in China, including Gao Zhisheng (a humanrights lawyer)", Hu Jia (human rights activist), Yang Chunlin (acampaign under the banner "We don't want the Olympics; we want humanrights", and Pu Dongwei (a Falun Gong practitioner). Below are several human rights defenders whose lives have beenendangered during Beijing Olympics. Please visit them or their familiesmembers (their home addresses are given below). * Hu Jia &Zeng Jinyan: both human rights activists. Hu Jia has recently beenarrested on charge of 'inciting to subversion of state'. His wife ZengJinyan and their nine-month old baby daughter are under house arrested.Their address: No 5, Building No 76, BOBO Free City, Dongguoyuan,Tongzhou District, Beijing (北京市通州区东果园BOBO自由城76号楼5单元).* Gao Zhisheng & Geng He: Gao is a human rights lawyer arrestedsince 2006 for his involvement in defending religion practitioners. Hiswife Geng and their children have been numerously assaulted andthreatened by the police. Their address: No 202, Unit 7, Building No11, Xiaoguan Beili, Beijing (北京市 小关北里11号楼7单元202号).* He Depu & Jia Jianying: He received an eight-year sentence fororganizing China Democracy Party. Their address: No 9-1-5, Chaoyanan,Xicheng District, Beijing (北京市西城区朝阳庵9-1-5号).*Ding Zilin, Zhang Xianling and other Tiananmen Mothers: they have beencommitting themselves collecting names of victims in the 1989 massacreafter losing their sons in the massacre. They have built the networkTiananmen Mothers.* Bu Dongwei, Bu Dongwei is a Falun Gong practitioner who is consideredby Amnesty International as a prisoner of conscience and now known tobe held at Tuanhe RTL facility in Beijing, where he is reportedlyforced to do packing work. His family only received officialconfirmation of his whereabouts at the end of August 2006, three monthsafter he was first detained. The authorities have reportedly claimedthat he decided not to appeal against his two-and-a-half year term, buthis family dispute this. Officials from Tuanhe RTL facility havereportedly asked Bu Dongwei's family to contribute money towards hisliving expenses – around 400 Yuan per month (approx. US$52). We would also like to draw your attention to the mass withdrawals(over 41 millions up to now with a daily withdrawal rate around 5,000according to Global Service Centre of Quitting the Communist Party)from the Chinese Communist Party and the affiliated organisations inChina since a serial articles titled "Nine Commentaries on theCommunist Party" was published by an overseas Chinese newspaper theEpoch Times in 2004. Apparently Chinese people are on the course ofabandoning the rule of the Communist Party. Chinese people will begrateful to you if you could stand on their side to end this mosttyrannical Communist Regime in China at this historical movement. With best wishes. Yours faithfullyMcMilland-Scott, Vice-Chairman of European Parliament, MEPDr Guihua Li, Director, Federation of saying "Good-bye" to Chinese Communist PartyLucy Jin, Secretary, Federation for A Democratic China (UK)Ze Xia, Director, Friends of Tiananmen MothersShao Jiang, a survivor of Tiananmen Square Massacre on 4 June 1989

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征集签名:敦促英国首相访问北京期间,关注中国人权状况发起者:   爱德华-麦克米兰-史考特等   (签名数: 0)   发起日期: 8/18/2008,截至日期: 9/18/2008   

尊敬的首相先生,希望您访问北京期间,关注中国人权状况。我们是英国和欧洲议会议员、中国非政府组织代表和在世界各地的公民,要求您在访问北京期间,向中共领导人提出中国人权问题, 并请您拜访中国人权活动人士和他们的家人。在北京申办奥运会期间,中共承诺改善其人权纪录。但是根据大赦国际在北京奥运会开幕前的调查"事实上,为了北京奥运会,人权扞卫者、记者和律师受到的镇压变本加厉" 。 [2008年7月大赦国际报告, 《 奥运倒数—违背承诺》]。典型的例子是今年3月在西藏的屠杀,在奥运会前大规模逮捕持不同政见者,加强控制媒体和互联网,打击家庭教会,酷刑被拘留者,活摘法轮功修炼者器官, … …中国正在全球扮演重要角色,全世界也在开始遭受中国大陆普通人一样的处境。我们要求您施加影响,促成中共当局释放所有良心犯,这些良心犯包括人权律师高智晟, 人权活动人士胡佳,"要人权不要奥运"的维权人士杨春林, 和法轮功学员卜东伟 。在北京奥运期间,几位人权扞卫者和他们的家人处境危险, 请首相先生拜访他们,地址附后。*胡佳和曾金艳:人权活动家。胡佳被指控 "煽动颠覆国家政权"入狱,他的妻子曾金艳和他们的9个月的女儿被监视居住。他们的地址:(北京市通州区东果园BOBO自由城76号楼5单元)。*高智晟和耿和:2006年人权律师高智晟被捕,下落不明。 被捕前他为宗教人士辩护。他的妻子耿和及他们的子女多次被警方殴打和威胁。他们的地址(北京市小关北里11号楼7单元202号)。*何德普和贾建英:何德普因组织中国民主党,被判8年徒刑。他们的地址:(北京市西城区朝阳庵9-1-5号)*丁子霖,张先玲和其他天安门母亲:她们的儿子或亲人死于1989年天安门大屠杀,多年来她们致力寻找大屠杀受害者,她们发起了天安门母亲运动。*卜东伟,法轮功修炼者,国际特赦把他列为良心犯之一。 目前他在团河劳教所劳教,据报道他被迫做包装工作。 2006年八月底,他首次被拘留3个月后,他的家人只收到官方通知,知会下落。当局声称他决定不会对两年半劳教提出上诉,但他的家人对此提出质疑。据报道团河劳教官员向卜东伟家人每月索取400元人民币, 支付他的生活费。首相先生,我们也想提请您注意全球退党服务中心的统计,自2004年海外华人报纸 《大纪元时报》发表系列文章《九评共产党》,现在已有超过4千1百万人退出中共及其附属组织(团、队),平均每天退出5000人。显然,中国人民正在杯葛中共统治,如果您站在中国人民一边,共同推动结束中国历史上最残暴中共政权的历史进程,将不胜感谢。顺致祝愿!联署人:爱德华-麦克米兰-史考特,欧盟议会副议长 (Edward McMillan-Scott,  Vice-Chairman of European Parliament, MEP)李桂华博士, 全球退党大联盟英国分会主席金露西,民主中国阵线(英国)主席夏泽,天安门母亲之友 负责人, 英国约翰.笛, 法轮功受迫害真相联合调查团副主席 (John Dee, Vice Chairman of Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong (Europe))邵江,1989天安门大屠杀幸存者, 英国2008年8月18日

欢迎联署, 更多的签名,将补充更新 )


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