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An Open Letter to Gordon Brown

On 17 January, I sent a letter to Gordon Brown as he is visiting China this month. I have asked him to raise some issues with the Chinese government, especially concerning the deterioration of the human rights records in China and the break of the promises they made for the Beijing Olympics.

Here is a copy of my letter below. Let's monitor……

To: Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP

CC: Members of Parliament and Citizens in the world

Dear Prime Minister

I am a political prisoner from China living in exile in London. Learning that you are visiting Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou China in the near future, I ask you to discuss with the Chinese government its deteriorated human rights records, a breach of its promise in bid for the Beijing Olympics. I believe that the international community has the obligation to press the Chinese government to abide by its own promises. China is not a global market, but a country with citizens yearning for human dignity. Where China is moving toward is becoming crucial to the global scene, as the world is starting to share a common lot as Chinese people.

Below are several human rights defenders whose life have been endangered before Beijing Olympics. Please go and visit them at their home address.

  • Hu Jia & Zeng Jinyan: both human rights activists. Hu Jia has recently been arrested on charge of ‘inciting to subversion of state’. His wife Zeng Jinyan and their two-month old baby daughter are under house arrested. Their address: 北京市通州区东果园BOBO自由城76号楼5单元.

  • Gao Zhisheng & Geng He: Gao is a human rights lawyer arrested since 2006 for his involvement in defending religion practitioners. His wife Geng and their children have been numerously assaulted and threatened by the police. Their address: 北京市 小关北里11号楼7单元202号.

  • He Depu & Jia Jianying: He received an eight-year sentence for organizing China Democracy Party. Their address:北京市西城区朝阳庵9-1-5号.

  • Ding Zilin & Jiang Peikun: the couple have been committing themselves collecting names of victims in the 1989 massacre after losing their17-year-old son in the massacre. They have built the network Tiananmen Mothers.

  • Zheng Enchong: Room 1406, First Floor, 88 Lane, Jinyuan Road, Shanghai

  • Guo Feixiong & Zhang Qing: Guo is serving a five-year sentence in a prison in Guangdong province. He has become severely disabled because of barbaric torture. His wife Zhang lost her job and their son has been deprived schooling. Their address: 广东省 广州市天河区体育东路名雅园清晖台1003.

I also ask you to press the Chinese government to release all prisoners of conscience now. Please refer to the following links:

Writers in Prison

prisoners of conscience

Thank you

Yours sincerely,

Shao Jiang

I received the message from MP office: Message to the Prime Minister confirmed Thank you. Your message to the Prime Minister has now been sent to the Prime Minister's Office to be read.

No further response from Brown …….

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