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Nicaragua (31)
Nov 8 2021 3:42pm
Nicaragua: Ortega's re-election threatens human rights 'horror thriller'
Preliminary results from the Nicaraguan general election suggest that ...
Oct 18 2021 2:45pm
Covid-19: Censorship and misinformation having 'devastating' impact on global health crisis
New report outlines how governments are using legislation to silence j...
Aug 25 2021 11:03am
Nicaragua: New evidence reveals enforced disappearances by Ortega's government
Ten cases of enforced disappearances documented in latest wave of dete...
Aug 3 2021 3:19pm
Nicaragua: Fears of deepening human rights crisis as Ortega announces new presidential bid
Daniel Ortega seeking fourth presidential term in November election ...
Jun 10 2021 12:00pm
Nicaragua: Oretga ensures pre-election period 'plagued by repression' as political challengers arrested
Ahead of November’s presidential elections, Daniel Ortega’s government...
May 19 2020 10:48am
Americas: Health workers at 'horrendous risk' of COVID-19 as governments fail to offer protection to those on frontline
Americas has more than 2 million confirmed cases of COVID-19 - around ...
Apr 8 2020 4:21pm
16 activists released; 61 people remain in prison
Activists known as “Aguadores” were released on 30 December but still ...
Jan 21 2020 12:18pm
Fifth update: Released activists still face charges
The 13 activists arrested on 14 November 2019 after giving water to a ...
Oct 21 2019 12:06pm
Urgent Action Update: Over 130 people remain in detention in Nicaragua
A year and a half since the beginning of the crisis in Nicaragua, at l...
Sep 3 2019 11:51am
Urgent Action Update: Detention continues for over a hundred persons
Scores of people remain in detention in Nicaragua after more than one ...