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Donald Trump (32)
May 13 2020 10:47pm
USA: Trump administration is 'weaponising COVID-19 to shut its borders to people seeking safety'
Reports suggest that Trump administration may indefinitely expand rest...
Aug 28 2019 10:48am
USA: Trump administration must abandon plans to use disaster relief funds for ICE
Responding to reports that DHS intends to reprogram disaster relief fu...
Jun 3 2019 1:25pm
Trump UK visit: activists unfurl giant 'Resist' banners in front of US Embassy
‘It was important to put this message right in front of the US Embassy...
Mar 6 2019 8:05pm
USA: Trump decision to end reports on civilian deaths 'unconscionable'
Responding to the news that the Trump administration has revoked a req...
Oct 26 2018 7:55pm
USA: Trump must abandon 'unspeakably cruel' plan to close southern border to Central Americans seeking asylum
In response to reports that President Trump plans to take executive ac...
Sep 12 2018 4:37pm
USA: Gun violence is a human rights crisis
We all have the right to live free from violence, discrimination and f...
Sep 12 2018 3:54pm
Key facts about gun violence
Gun violence is a daily tragedy that affects the lives of individuals ...
May 17 2018 10:10pm
US: Gina Haspel appointment confirms Senate will 'tolerate rot at Government's core'
Reacting to news that Gina Haspel was confirmed for the role of Direct...
Feb 26 2018 3:42pm
USA: Banned Trump hair adverts to be driven round Washington
‘We want to send a message to Washington – there’s a storm brewing’ - ...
Dec 7 2017 4:00pm
Trump and Jerusalem – what you can do about it
This month, the US president Donald Trump made the decision to recogni...