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USA: Trump administration is 'weaponising COVID-19 to shut its borders to people seeking safety'

Reports suggest that Trump administration may indefinitely expand restrictions on right to seek asylum and humanitarian protections at border ‘Racism, xenophobia, and discrimination won't make people in [the US] safe from the COVID-19 pandemic’ - Charanya Krishnaswami Responding to reports that the Trump administration may indefinitely expand restrictions on the right to seek asylum and humanitarian protections at the border, Charanya Krishnaswami, Advocacy Director for the Americas at Amnesty International, said: "This ban was never about the pandemic, and it was never about public health. As

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USA: Trump administration must abandon plans to use disaster relief funds for ICE

Responding to reports that DHS intends to reprogram disaster relief funds for ICE detention beds and funds for temporary court structures for hearings associated with the “Remain in Mexico” program, Amnesty International USA Advocacy Airector for the Americas, Charanya Krishnaswami said: “This decision is an outrageous misuse of resources. At the start of hurricane season, DHS is robbing hundreds of millions of dollars from disaster relief to fund a disaster of its own making. It is using vital funds to further some of its cruelest policies – putting asylum-seekers in harm’s way and detaining

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Trump UK visit: activists unfurl giant 'Resist' banners in front of US Embassy

One of five banners hung from London's Vauxhall Bridge ahead of President Trump's visit © Marie-Anne Ventoura

‘It was important to put this message right in front of the US Embassy itself’ - Kate Allen Amnesty International has unfurled giant “Resist” banners in front of the US Embassy in London as the US President Donald Trump begins his state visit to the UK. The five brightly-coloured, 20-metre-long banners - saying “Resist sexism”, “Resist racism”, “Resist hate”, “Resist cruelty” and “Resist Trump” - were displayed on Vauxhall Bridge directly facing the central London embassy this morning. Kate Allen, Amnesty International UK Section’s Director, said: “We need to strongly resist Donald Trump’s

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USA: Trump decision to end reports on civilian deaths 'unconscionable'

© Amnesty International

Responding to the news that the Trump administration has revoked a requirement that U.S. intelligence officials publicly report the number of civilian casualties, Daphne Eviatar, Amnesty International USA’s Director of Security with Human Rights, said: “This is a shameful decision that will shroud this administration’s actions in even more secrecy with little accountability for its victims. “The public deserves to know how many civilians are killed by U.S. actions. This is an unconscionable decision and in complete disregard of fundamental human rights. “It is incomprehensible that this vital

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USA: Trump must abandon 'unspeakably cruel' plan to close southern border to Central Americans seeking asylum

In response to reports that President Trump plans to take executive action blocking refugees and people seeking asylum from Central America from entering the United States for protection, Erika Guevara-Rosas, Americas Director at Amnesty International, said: “The Trump administration is defying international law and manufacturing a crisis at the border by proposing policies that would cause catastrophic and irreparable harm to thousands of families who had no choice but to leave home in order to keep their children safe from harm. “President Trump has shown callous disregard for the plight of

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USA: Gun violence is a human rights crisis

Arm with gun tattoo
Despite global outrage over repeated mass shootings, campaigners' calls for gun law reforms in the USA have been blocked repeatedly. © Marieke Wijntjes / Amnesty International

We all have the right to live free from violence, discrimination and fear. But the US government is prioritising gun ownership over these basic human rights.

The USA has the highest rates of gun ownership in the world. A sense of entitlement to own a practically unlimited array of deadly weapons, without sufficient regulations on their sale, possession and use has superseded the need to protect the right to life. As a result, people are dying in homes, schools and on streets across the country.

Sep 12 2018 3:54PM
Key facts about gun violence

Gun violence is a global human rights issue. Governments have a legal obligation to protect the right to life, and therefore a responsibility to protect people from firearm violence. We have to remind them of this by demanding reform.

US: Gina Haspel appointment confirms Senate will 'tolerate rot at Government's core'

© Alex Wong/Getty Images

Reacting to news that Gina Haspel was confirmed for the role of Director of the Central Intelligence Agency, Daphne Eviatar, Director of Security with Human Rights at Amnesty International USA, said: “For more than a decade, the United States has failed to ensure truth, accountability, and access to remedy for victims of official US torture and enforced disappearance. But now the US has gone further. The Senate has now rewarded that atrocious conduct by promoting someone that reportedly administered it to lead one of the government’s most powerful agencies. “We already knew from the 2014

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USA: Banned Trump hair adverts to be driven round Washington

One of the banned adverts

‘We want to send a message to Washington – there’s a storm brewing’ - Margaret Huang Prohibition on ‘influencing public’ An advertising campaign from Amnesty International USA that was rejected by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) will be displayed across the city today and tomorrow (26-27 February), calling on people to join the global human rights organisation. The series of adverts, which depict the wind-blown hair of US President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin, and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, warn that “a storm is brewing” and were originally

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Donald Trump

This month, the US president Donald Trump made the decision to recognise Jerusalem as Israel’s capital city – a reckless choice that is likely to inflame tensions across the Middle East. 

He also announced the relocation of the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. 

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