• Nov 22 2016
  • 5:38pm
Fylde Coast Amnesty Enters Blackpool's Christmas Tree Festival
Video The Winter Gardens’ Christmas Tree Festival
  • Nov 16 2016
  • 1:52pm
Britain's Modern Slavery
  • Nov 16 2016
  • 1:33pm
Amnesty North West Conference
Saturday 12 November
  • Sep 21 2016
  • 1:43pm
Refugees Welcome march in London
Jennifer Jaynes of the Fylde Coast Amnest
  • Aug 21 2016
  • 4:57pm
When You Don't Exist
  • Jun 15 2016
  • 3:21pm
Fylde Coast Amnesty supports Blackpool Pride Festival 2016
Fylde Coast Amnesty supports Blackpool Pride Festival 2016  
  • Feb 9 2016
  • 12:48pm
Syrian Refugees in Lebanon - My Story
On Monday March 7th at 7.00 pm, Fylde Coast Amnesty Group are holding an open meeting during which a visiting speaker, Irene Moucarry, will talk about her work with Syrian Ref...
  • Jan 31 2016
  • 5:20pm
Write a Letter; Change a Life
  • Jan 18 2016
  • 11:23am
January 21 is Yolanda Oqueli's Birthday
Yolanda Oquelí,is a community leader and anti-mining activist.

About this group

Welcome to Fylde Coast Amnesty Group. We are a friendly group who get together regularly to write letters and plan local activities, based on campaigns led by Amnesty International UK. We would love you to come and join us. 

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