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2018 (15)
Nov 20 2018 1:33PM
Happy 29th Birthday to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC)!

We are celebrating the 29th anniversary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. On this special day, we are kicking off our 12-month campaign on the UNCRC. During this year of campaigning, we will host various events focused...

Jul 31 2018 9:55AM
Together, we can #Endhumantrafficking

“Men and women have the right to live their lives and raise their children in dignity, free from hunger and from the fear of violence, oppression or injustice.”

Jun 14 2018 11:13PM
Why we need to talk about caste

Hey! Did you see that article the other day about caste? Shocking right?! Hi! Article about what sorry? What is caste? Caste is a social hierarchy. A very extreme social hierarchy. The caste you are born into decides your job, role in...

Jun 14 2018 2:05AM
From violence to exploitation: Sex trafficking of Rohingya children in Bangladesh

Traffickers are exploiting the women and children living in the refugee camps, coercing them into sex work.

Jun 14 2018 12:23AM
USA: Children locked up for life

Every day, dozens of children under 18 years old are being sentenced to life imprisonment with poor legal representation and without parole.

Jun 13 2018 2:51AM
UK must do more to create equal treatment and opportunities for children

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.

Mar 21 2018 1:07PM
Child Refugees in Calais

Despite the demolition of the infamous ‘Jungle’ camp in Calais, and the media’s sudden silence, this footage shows the ongoing reality for people stuck in refugee camps.

Mar 21 2018 12:47PM
The potential of British citizenship

There are thousands of undocumented children around the UK. Each one with the potential to do great things. The stability of citizenship and a status in the UK allows them to achieve that.

Mar 1 2018 12:16PM
Protecting children’s rights in humanitarian crises

2018 is predicted to be the worst for humanitarian crises since World War II. In such times, leaders need to keep in mind protecting the rights of children everywhere when looking to solve crises across the world.

Feb 26 2018 4:06PM
The bullying trend

Bullying in schools is getting worse – and it’s being ignored. Schools need to make stopping this cause of severe childhood trauma a priority.

Feb 26 2018 10:33AM
Child marriage is never acceptable – no matter the circumstance.

A law passed in Bangladesh allows for child marriage in “special circumstances”. This is completely unacceptable and harmful to the lives of girls.

Feb 23 2018 4:38PM
Syria's Children: a Generation without Education

The children of Syria are having their childhood’s stolen, and their rights to education and basic needs obliterated. The international community needs to do more.

Feb 23 2018 3:56PM
Gross violation of the right to life in Syria

Days have become a living nightmare for many Syrian children. It is imperative that we, as global citizens, act immediately.

Feb 7 2018 3:42PM
Israeli ill-treatment of detained Palestinian minors must end

While a lot of attention has been paid worldwide to the plight of jailed Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi, her case is sadly not unique. Over 300 Palestinian minors are currently imprisoned by Israel.

Feb 6 2018 9:44AM
Female Genital Mutilation: more must be done to save lives

On International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM, Gladys Burini asks why this abhorrent practice still happens, and how governments and people all over the globe must act to protect women and girls.