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2014 (15)
Oct 30 2014 11:55PM
USA: After 25 Years... Time to Ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child

The 20th November 2014 is the 25th anniversary of the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Convention is the world’s most widely accepted human rights treaty, having been ratified by almost every member state of...

Oct 30 2014 10:48PM
USA: Jacqueline Montanez and Life Imprisonment Without Parole

Imagine being condemned to spend the rest of your life in prison when you were still a child. Imagine being just 15 years old, and knowing you will never be free again. We all change so much as we grow up, but no matter what you did or...

Oct 14 2014 10:55PM
Iran: Juvenile Offender Facing Execution

In Iran a young man is facing execution, even though he was a child at the time of his alleged crimes. This is a shocking possibility, and completely contrary to international law. Saman Naseem is now just 21 years old, but it has been...

Jul 16 2014 10:27AM
Turkey: teenage asylum seeker dies, others at risk of return

Imagine fleeing your home and your country. Leaving behind everything that you know, hoping to find some safety elsewhere. Then, imagine that instead of safety you are detained, and told you will be returned to your country, without...

Jul 6 2014 1:13PM
Roma families threatened with forced eviction

What does ‘home’ mean to you? For me, my childhood home was a lot more than a roof over my head. It brought with it a feeling of security and belonging – with family, friends and my local community. For 50 Roma children and their...

Jun 10 2014 6:18PM
Teenage Victims of Rape Denied Justice

Discriminatory provisions in Moroccan, Algerian and Tunisian law are failing to protect women and girl survivors of sexual violence, routinely denying them justice. Shockingly, teenage girls in Algeria and Tunisia can find themselves...

May 29 2014 8:10AM
India: Teenage boy and others threatened after torture claims

Being a teenager can be a stressful time in life. What were you worrying about when you were 15? Were you worrying about exams? Friends? Your parents? The future? Whatever the concerns of your teenage years, you probably weren't...

May 14 2014 5:12PM
Children's rights defender in Honduras beaten, detained

The Director of Casa Alianza Honduras, a children’s rights organization, was beaten and detained by military police on 8 May. He believes his mistreatment was in retaliation for speaking out against violence against children in...

May 13 2014 7:55AM
Stop Torture Campaign: Moses's Story

Do you remember being 16 and finishing your secondary school exams? Do you remember waiting for your results, looking to the future, eagerly wondering what life would hold for you? What if the answer was torture, imprisonment and a...

May 11 2014 9:59PM
Optional Protocol: Strengthening the Convention on the Rights of the Child in its 25th Year

The Convention on the Rights of the Child is the most ratified human rights treaty. 192 countries have ratified the Convention, which requires States to give primary consideration to the best interests of a child when making decisions...

Mar 31 2014 10:56AM
International Day for Street Children - 12 April 2014

The International Day for Street Children takes place on 12th April and provides a platform for the millions of children around the world to speak out so their rights cannot be ignored. The Consortium for Street Children (CSC) launched...

Mar 12 2014 4:17PM
Trigger-happy killing in the West Bank

16-year-old Samir Awad was brutally assassinated by Israeli soldiers. After finishing his school science exam in January 2013 the child was walking along a crossing close to the Israeli fence in the West Bank. He was ambushed by...

Feb 3 2014 2:26PM
South Sudan: Renewed conflict threatens the lives of many children

Owing to a political dispute, on 15 December 2013 violence between rival army factions erupted in South Sudan. As a result thousands of people have been killed, many of them children, with 860,000 displaced. A serious humanitarian...

Jan 31 2014 12:20PM
The murky world of Orphanage Tourism

Recent UNICEF reports suggest that there are more than 200 million orphan children worldwide. This figure rises drastically when taking into consideration the number children (millions) who are abandoned, sold and/or trafficked around...

Jan 4 2014 6:25PM
Tribute to Catherine Suggitt, Amnesty International worker and Children's Human Rights Network Commitee Member

Tribute to Amnesty International worker, Catherine Suggitt, nee Snowden, by Valerie Doulton Catherine and I first got to know each other well in meetings to discuss Female Genital Mutilation many years ago, this was the first time this...