International Day for Street Children - 12 April 2014

The International Day for Street Children takes place on 12th April and provides a platform for the millions of children around the world to speak out so their rights cannot be ignored. The Consortium for Street Children (CSC) launched the Day in 2011 and since then support has grown exponentially, with street children, NGOs, policy-makers, academics and celebrities getting involved in the yearly celebration. The Day is supported by Aviva and HSBC.

This year, we are asking street children around the world ‘If the whole world were listening, what would you say’? We will be compiling these answers into an animation which will be released on 12th April. Through Twitter we will increase public awareness through #TweetfortheStreet, as well as encourage individuals to tell us ‘what would you say’ on our dedicated Facebook tab:

In 2013 CSC launched a campaign for the United Nations to officially adopt the Day, which would bring greater exposure, continuity and permanence of the issue and increase pressure on Governments to act. The petition has over 6000 signatories so far. For more information and to show your support go to:

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