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August 2009 (9)
Aug 26 2009 12:23PM
Prominent film director, Rakhshan Baniadam's open letter

I'm not afraid to be accused of conspiracy in this time of chaos and lawlessness. I'm not afraid to be accused of misguiding the public. You cannot deny that I am a mother. Not only mother to Tandis & Baran but to all the youth, who...

Aug 22 2009 5:05PM
Rape in the Iranian prisons

Since the day Mehdi Karubi, the defeated presidential candidate wrote a letter to Hashemi Rafsanji, informing him of recent the cases of rapes in prisons of men & women, the Iranian regime has gone on the counter-attacl claiming that...

Aug 19 2009 11:41AM
Do we have to celebrate or mourn?

Kaveh Moizafari was released! Rouhi Shafii The other day, this piece of news appeared on my email more than 10 times. Various people on the group emails sent this happy message to me and each other. Happy? Did I say? Kaveh has been in...

Aug 16 2009 10:40PM
Sister! I miss you and wait for you

It is two months since Shiva Nazar- Ahari, was detained by the security forces and taken to the notorious Evin prison in Tehran. Despit all efforts, her family have not been able to visit her. Her sister Nazafarin Nazar- Ahari has...

Aug 15 2009 1:46PM
Committee in Solidarity with Iranian Women Prisoners

It's a never ending story. The detention, kidnapping, arrests and assualt of the Iranian people since the June presidentional elections. Days have gone into weeks and months since the day, Mahmoud ahmadinejad backed by the supremes...

Aug 14 2009 11:11AM
I am a human being: Syrian poet

A Poem written by Ghadeh Al-Sama’n Syrian poet Translated by: Rouhi Shafii If you come to my house bring me a black pencil. I want to charcoal my face so not to be caged for the crime of my beauty. And a cross to rest on my heart to...

Aug 12 2009 11:29AM
On the anniversary of the massacre of 1988 in the Iranian prisons

In the summer of 1988 and prior to Ayattolah Khomeini's famous Fatwa against Salaman Rushdi, in a meeting with his top advisors he issued a dealy Fatwa, ordering the execution and the wipe out of thousands of political prisoners in...

Aug 10 2009 11:06PM
Rape as means of torture in the Iranian prisons

Mehdi Karubi , the defeated presidential candidate has recnetly wtitten a letter to Ayattolah Hashemi Rafsanjani demanding an investigation into the cases of rape of young men and women in detention. Karubi has mentioned that his...

Aug 10 2009 8:44PM
Paris event

25 juillet 2009 Paris, Champs de Mars A two kilometers long petition against the Iranian regim Rassemblement contre l'élection d'Ahmadinejad Déploiement de la plus grande banderole du monde Green Scroll… Paris Iran : A global day of...