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2012 (6)
Nov 4 2012 6:48PM
Women Prisoners on Hunger Strike in the Evin Prison

The women's ward of the Evin prison in Iran where political and ideological prisoners are serving their time is once again the sight of ugly encounters between women and the prison's special forces. Last week, about 20 of tained women...

Jun 26 2012 1:20PM
Pressure on political prisoners: Bahman Ahmadi Amouie transfered to solitary

Bahamn Ahmadi Amouie , journalist and husband to DJila Baniyaquob (journalist herself with a suspended sentence) has been transfered from the common ward at the Evin prison to solitary in the notorious Rajaie Shar prison. Bahman was...

Apr 10 2012 10:39PM
Iranian Revolutionary Court sentenced Mansoureh Behkish to 4 years Imprisonment

Mansoureh Behkish, women's rights activists and member of Iran's Mourning Mothers, a woman who had lost 6 members of her family to the bloody revolution, is sentenced to 4 years imprisonment for her recent activities. A worldwide...

Feb 10 2012 7:39PM
Thirty Three years after the Iranian Revolution

On the anniversary of the Iranian revolution Against the war and violence, for freedom and democracy in Iran & the region Twelfth of February marks 33 years since the Iranians ended 2,500 dynasty rule in Iran in order to establish a...

Feb 10 2012 5:05PM
Iran Mourning Mothers protest against mass detention of the Bahaies in Shiraz

Stop persecutions, detentions, executions! On 2 February 2012 and in an orchestrated operation security forces raided the homes of about 30 Bahaie citizens in the city of Shiraz in south of the country and took away 11 people. The...

Jan 23 2012 1:55PM
On the eve of the Iran's parliamentary elections silencing journalists is on top of menu!

In recent weeks, detention of journalists has increased to an alarming scale. Customaririly, the Islamic regime would open up the atmosphere, leaving windows open for poeple to express themselves creating a false image of freedom of...