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2011 (9)
Oct 11 2011 10:54AM
Iran, once the land of nightingales and rose gardens, now the land of violence and darkness!

In other parts of our worlds 3 women won the Noble Peace Prize for their efforts to bring peace to their countries. In Iran despite having a woman Noble winner and the efforts of many to stop violence against citizens, the authorities...

Sep 27 2011 11:42PM
Symposium of Short Documentaries made by Iranian Women

November is the Month to Stop Violence Against Women Amnesty International Women’s Action Network (WAN) in Collaboration with International Coalition Against Violence in Iran (ICAVI) Present: 1- Don’t Bury My Heart, Saba Vasefi...

Aug 6 2011 11:57AM
Innocent Voices Speak out!

Innocent Voices Speak Out The impact of harassment and prison on the children of human rights campaigners Saba Vasefi " Asieh Amini, journalist and human rights activist once said: ”Our children aren’t civil activists or political...

Jul 16 2011 12:29PM
Voices from inside the prisons of Iran Documentary made by Farah Shilandary from the Iranian prisons .

Jun 17 2011 9:19AM
Mahan, a political prisoner on leave after 7 years in Iran!

Mahan, the most amazing meeting with a political prisoner in Iran 17 June 2011 at 08:17 by Neda A note by Jila Baniyaqob, Iranian journalist. He spoke very fast, seemed more bewildered than happy. His words made sense but he would...

May 11 2011 11:08AM
Stop the death penalty of homosexuality in Uganda

Wow! 700,000 have signed already. We have just 12 hours before the bill is brought to the floor – let's get to 1 million. Sign now and forward the email below! Dear friends, In 12 hours, Uganda could pass a law that imposes the death...

Apr 16 2011 11:31AM
A virtual international protest in Azadi Square for Majid Tavakoli

Dear Friends: Amnesty International is partnering with United4Iran to do a virtual Azadi Square protest this spring to show solidarity for imprisoned Iranian student activist Majid Tavakkoli. Mr. Tavakkoli, who will be 25 years old...

Mar 25 2011 6:37PM
Report on the United Nations Human rights council on Iran

25 March 2011 at 18:08 by Neda Tags: Iran Human rights council The United Nations Council on Human Rights had its 16 session from 10 March to 23 in Geneva, during which Iranians from across Europe held talks, demonstrations and lobbied...

Mar 2 2011 10:50PM
Letter written by Iranian women activists to UN General Sec

Honourable Ban Ki-moon United Nations General Secretary Cc: Honourable Madam Navanethem Pillay United Nations High Commissionaire for Human Rights Members of the United Nations Human Rights Council 1 March 2011 Appeal to free Ms Zahra...