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2013 (7)
Nov 4 2013 10:20AM
From: Evin Prison-Ward 350

To: you Call in support of sick political prisoners from 47 political prisoners from Ward 350 of Evin prison in Iran With great thanks and appreciation to the organizers of this campaign in Europe, United States and Canada We...

Sep 30 2013 9:19AM
Forgotten Prisoners in Iran's jails

Recently, a small number of prisoners of conscience have been released from prison without due legal procedures. Some of these people were due to be released shortly as their prison terms were about to finish. There is a possibility...

Jun 24 2013 12:11PM
Death of Afshin Osanloo in the Iranian Prison

Once again one of the political prisoners died in prison after years of torture and harsh conditions which exist in the notorious Rejaishahr prison in Iran. Afhsin Osanloo, brother of Mansoor Osanloo, the ex-bus drivers's syndicate...

Jun 19 2013 5:46PM
Women Were Not Allowed to Enter Football Stadium in Iran

On Wednsday, when Iran was playing for the world cup final and eventually won, hundreds of women gathered at the Azadi (Freedom) Stadium to watch and celebrate the Iranian national team play against South Korea. They were not allowed...

Jun 11 2013 12:29PM
When Sleeping Women Wake, Mountains Move

When Sleeping Women Wake, Mountains Move This was the title of a conference convened by Justice for Iran on Saturday 8 June at Regent’s College, London. The packed Turke Hall once again witnessed speaker after speaker talk of their...

Jun 8 2013 9:47AM
Police brutality against protestors in Turkey who demand democracy

Protestors in Turkey, men & women demanded their beautiful Taqusim Square be spared demolition to give way to a shopping mall. This was how thousands gathered at the Square to raise their voices. The police response was extreme...

Apr 5 2013 11:06AM
Detention of more than 170 Arab speaking citizens in southern regions of Iran

In recent weeks and in an unprecedented act security and intelligence forces have attacked homes and workplaces and detained more than 170 people and transferred them to the notorious Karoon prison. According to family members their...