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Police brutality against protestors in Turkey who demand democracy

Protestors in Turkey, men & women demanded their beautiful Taqusim Square be spared demolition to give way to a shopping mall. This was how thousands gathered at the Square to raise their voices. The police response was extreme brutality and violence with hundreds detained.

Protests soon turned into general demands such as fears of growing Islamisation of the country. Looking at the demonstrations and the peaceful nature of the protests one is reminded of the Green Movement of Iran which surged against the fradulant presidential elections in 2009 and ended in extreme violence by the security and intelligence forces where thousands were detained and many murdered either on the streets or in the detention centres. 

These days Iran is in the process of yet another show-presidential elections. Security is tighter than before and people show no interest to particpate in the debates or support any of the selected candidates.

Comparing the two countries, Turkish people might be luckier than the Iranians. Turkey is close to Europe and hopes one day becomes a member of the EU and that might prevent the authorities to suppress people as Iran did.

Yet, Iranian & Turkish people both want peace, stability, democracy and freedom. Just watch the video which demonstrates beautifully people's aspirations.

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