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Iran, once the land of nightingales and rose gardens, now the land of violence and darkness!

In other parts of our worlds 3 women won the Noble Peace Prize for their efforts to bring peace to their countries. In Iran despite having a woman Noble winner and the efforts of many to stop violence against citizens, the authorities use violence as a routine method to silence every voice of decent.

Hers is a compressed report of the recent months in Iran:

1-      A number of documentary producers were detained after a documentary about Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei was aired at the BBC Persian.

2-      A group of underground musicians were detained.

3-      Mohammed Heidari,a journalist was detained.

4-      Faranak Farid, women’s rights activist has remained in detention without charge.

5-      In the city of Meshad, 18 Behais were sentenced to 120 years in total.

6-      A student by the name of Kokabi travelled to Iran from the US to visit his family. He was detained and has remained in detention.

7-      A middle aged political person, Javad Lari has been accused of visiting Camp Ashraf in Iraq (the Mojahedin Khalq Camp) and was given a death sentence.

8-      In the city of Rasht 8 peaople were hanged.

9-      In the city of Kerma 3 people were hanged.

10-  In Khomeini Shahr, where a number of men attacked some women at a private party and raped them. Four of the accused have been sentenced to death.

11-   The juvenile who murdered “Iran’s strongest man” in a street fight was hastily hanged in the public in front of thousands of spectators.


While in other parts of the world, all efforts is channelled towards peace, democracy and co-existence, in Iran violence has plagued the society.

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