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Women Prisoners on Hunger Strike in the Evin Prison

The women's ward of the Evin prison in Iran where political and ideological prisoners are serving their time is once again the sight of ugly encounters between women and the prison's special forces. Last week, about 20 of tained women belonging to the prison special force stormed women quarters, threw women's personal belongings out of rooms and stripped-searched women while verbally using foul language and humiliating women.

In protest against such unprovoked act of total harassment women wrote a letter to the prison authorities demanding an apology. Nine of the women went on hunger strike until the authorities apologise for their inhumane behaviour. Of these, Nasrin Sotoudeh is already on hunger strike since 17 October in protest to restrictions imposed on her by prison. Nasrin's health is deteriorating rapidly but she is determined to continue her strike until the authorities meet her demands which are: face to face visitations with her young children. Access to phone and temporary leave.

We urge the international community of human rights defenders to support the demands of Nasrin and those who are currently on strike against the inhumane behaviour of the prison authorities. 

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