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On the eve of the Iran's parliamentary elections silencing journalists is on top of menu!

In recent weeks, detention of journalists has increased to an alarming scale. Customaririly, the Islamic regime would open up the atmosphere, leaving windows open for poeple to  express themselves creating a false image of freedom of expression in order to attract more voters to the ballot boxes. Shortly after every election these windows would shut down and suppression and censorship would roam the society once again. This year, all is different. Knowing that the trickes have lost credibility and people would not be attracted to the elections after they experienced the disastrous 2009 presidential elections and also under international pressure, the Iranian regime has unleashed an unprecedented attack on journalists and writers.

In the past two weeks, Said Malekpour, a blogger was sentenced to death. Parastou Dokouhi and Marzieh Rasouli, two experienced journalists were detained and according to one report are kept in the nototious revolutionary guards special detention centre in solitary without access to their family or lawyers or indeed knowledge of their crimes expect the vague accusation of "acting against regime"!

Apart from them scores of others have been taken away: Saham Al-din Borghani, Fatemeh JKheradmand, Ehsan Hushmand, Saaid Madani, Farshad Ghorbanpour, Mohammed Soleimaninia, Nasrin Nemar alahi, Peyman Pakmehr and Shahram Manuchehri; all blogger and journalists.

Apart from the mass detentions scores of people have been executed in public in various cities and on various charges. The Islamic regime unable to deal with increasing internal and external difficulties which are mostly due to its own aggressive international  policies and mismanagement of the country, has unleashed its wrath on the Iranian people. The international community must raise its voice to the suppression of the Iranian journalists and activists.

We believe that as the regime gets weaker and less able to rule, it get wilder and more brutal towards Iranians. We must stop the brutalities of the regime before thousands of Iranian lose their lives in this process.

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