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Pressure on political prisoners: Bahman Ahmadi Amouie transfered to solitary

Bahamn Ahmadi Amouie, journalist and husband to DJila Baniyaquob (journalist herself with a suspended sentence) has been transfered from the common ward at the Evin prison to solitary in the notorious Rajaie Shar prison. Bahman was last seen in shackles taken to the cell.

Bahman was detained in June 2009 along with his wife, Djila and sentenced to 7 years which was later reduced to 5 years. Nothing new has happened, no one knows the reason, no explansation has been given, no new charges have been announced. The cell he has been transfered is for those who are sentenced to death.

The culmination of this harsh act has risen extreme anxiety among his family and the human rights activists who dread  the worse.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is systematically and without any exception anihilating generations of human rights activists, journalists, writers, women's rights activists, lawyers  and all those who dare to speak about the repression and for freedom and democracy.

We urge the international community of human rights activists and advocates to raise their voices against the Islamic Republic of Iran's treatment of political and idealogical prisoners.

We urge you to write letters, petitions and demand the immidiate transfer of Baham Ahmadi Amouie back to the Evin prison where he was seriving the 5 years term which was given to him unlafully as he has not committed any act of violence against the present regime and has only spoken about the basic rights of the people of Iran which had been deprived of it for over 34 years.

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