Rape in the Iranian prisons

Since the day Mehdi Karubi, the defeated presidential candidate  wrote a letter to Hashemi Rafsanji, informing him of recent the cases of rapes in prisons of men & women, the Iranian regime has gone on the counter-attacl claiming that such allegations are false and Mehdi Karubi has to be punished!  Mr Karubi has announced that he has got enough evidence to prove his case. However, rape in the Islamic prisons has existed in the 1980s as young girls who were about to be executed were raped by the guards becuase according to Islam virgins go to paradise. Apart from that some other women have been raped while in prison. There is evidence that Zahra Kazemi, the Iranian/Canadian journalist who was detained and consequently killed in Evin prison within days after her arrest was raped as well.

An Iranian film-maker, Reza Alamezadeh is doing the courageous work of finding some of the victims who now live outside Iran and inreviewing them. The clip you will see below is Katayoun Azary speaking of her harrowing experiences in prison.



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