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Sister! I miss you and wait for you

It is two months since Shiva Nazar- Ahari, was detained by the security forces and taken to the notorious Evin prison in Tehran. Despit all efforts, her family have not been able to visit her. Her sister Nazafarin Nazar- Ahari has written a piece for Shiva which you read below:

15 August


Today passed with no news from you. Waiting. My eyes to the door to hear from you. My hearet aches when I look at mum or dad's moist eyes. My heart aches when I hear mum's nightly sobs and dad's sad voice. Sister! Unable to do anything for you, I miss you.

Today passed. Sixty two days have passed and you are still in cage. How much I miss you and look forward to the day you return, smiling and proud.

Sister! You were not here to see what went on with our people. You were not here to see how our youth were massacred. You were not here to hear the wailing of the mothers over the graves of their loved ones. You were not here to see the bullets in response to silent protests.

All this time, a question lingers in my mind. Are these humans? Do they have feelings? Is it possible a human does such things to another human? It is possible to be human and so ruthless? No, it is not possible.

Sister! I miss you and wait for you. Stay strong and continue your path.

Translated by: Rouhi Shafii


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