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25 juillet 2009 Paris, Champs de Mars A two kilometers long petition against the Iranian regim Rassemblement contre l'élection d'Ahmadinejad Déploiement de la plus grande banderole du monde Green Scroll…


 Iran: A global day of human rights for the victims of recent unrests. 

After the 12 June 2009 presidential election and the subsequent coup which deprived the Iranian people to have the president of their choice, the world witnessed a wave of demonstrations inside the country as well as the outside. Iranians were asking ‘Where is my vote?’ The election-coup not only deprived the country of free and fair elections but it followed a wave of brutal suppression, detention, kidnapping, rape, torture and murder of those who were brave enough to stand against the coup. The announcement of the bogus results, the approval of the supreme leader and the presence of layers of security forces, revolutionary guards, the militia Basij, the motorcyclist thugs who are armed with live ammunition, batons, teargas, pepper gas and even water hose has not deterred the Iranians; men and women to often go on the streets and demand to know who stole their votes and who orders the atrocities which are being committed on daily basis.

Along with the protests inside, Iranians outside the country have demonstrated their objection in various forms; street demonstrations, hunger strikes, constant gathering in front of the Iranian embassies across the world, writing in the newspapers, websites, appearing on TV and radio and explaining to the world the horrendous situation in Iran. As part of these on-going campaigns and based on a suggestion from Iran, Iranians began to sign on green and white materials ‘Ahmadinejad Is Not Iran’s President’. The initiative was carried out in about 191 cities worldwide and many non-Iranians joined in and Iranians from inside the country sent their names to be added to the scroll. It was decided by an ad-hoc committee which designed a website for the scroll and coordinated the work, to unfold the scroll in Paris along with the Global Day of Human Rights for Iran.

When all the signatures arrived in Paris and put together, it made a two kilometre scroll which began to unfold from the Peace Wall opposite the Eiffle Tower, carried by 320 people and went twice round the green. The videos of the event are attached to this report. The Green Scroll which is now in the hands of a committee and will be shown in major cities in due time manifests the efforts of the Iranians outside in solidarity with the people inside and a show to the world that ‘Ahmadinejd Is Not Iran’s President’. His approval by his supreme leader, his inauguration as president will not bring him and the supreme leader respect and legitimacy by the Iranian people. Iranians daily sacrifices, their nightly chanting on the rooftops: ‘Death to the Dictator’ and their newly designed slogan: ‘Independence, Freedom and Iranian Republic’ shows a twist towards people’s further demand of a secular Iran which will one be free from religious dictators.

 Rouhi Shafii

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