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On the anniversary of the massacre of 1988 in the Iranian prisons

In the summer of 1988 and prior to Ayattolah Khomeini's famous Fatwa against Salaman Rushdi, in a meeting with his top advisors he issued a dealy Fatwa, ordering the execution and the wipe out of thousands of political prisoners in Iran prisons. The prisoners, even those who had completed their terms and were due to be released were summoned in front of an interrogator  and asked few questions regarding their loyalty to the regime and the Islamic faith. The 'court' and its proceedings would not last more than a few minnutes. The decisions taken by these summary courts was based on the Khomeini's Fatwa. From July 1988 until October, families were denied regular visitation. From October onwards news came out of the execution of thousands of the best children of Iran.

So far, the efforts of the families and the human rights organisations to bring justice to the families has met the silence of the Iranian authorities. The Garden of Khavaran where the prisoners were buried in ukknownd graves was a meeting place for the relatives to commomerate their loved ones. A few months ago the Islamic regime could not even tolerate that and in the shadow of the night bulldozed the place and planted trees!  

A short film by Delnaz Abadi about the massacre of 4500 political prisoner in summer 1988 can be seen below.
Please inform others so that the Iranian regime and the dangers to the political prisoners are known better.


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