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I am a human being: Syrian poet

A Poem written by Ghadeh Al-Sama’nSyrian poet Translated by: Rouhi Shafii

If you come to my house

bring me a black pencil.

I want to charcoal my face

so not to be caged for the crime

of my beauty.

And a cross to rest on my heart

to stop it desiring.

Give me an eraser

to wipe out my lips.

I do not want being charcoaled

for having red lips.

Bring me a spade

so I uproot all my womanly desires

and rake my body

without which

I will easily go to paradise

so it is said.

Give me a razorblade

to shave my head

so my head breathes fresh air

and think for a while

without a scarf.

Bring me thread and needle

to sow my tongue

to my mouth.

This way,

my cries are more noiseless!

Don’t you forget the scissors!

I want to censor my thoughts

on daily basis.

I also need washing powder

to wash my brain

and spread it on a rope

so the wind blows my aspirations

to the far distances.

You know, one has to be rational.

Bring me a silencer

if you can.

I want to silence my sobs

when they call me a prostitute

for being in love and choosing.

I need a copy of my identity

to remember who I am,

as the pious brothers or sisters

are guiding me with insult and contempt.

For the love of God

If you see somewhere

they sell your rights

buy me some.

I want to mix them with my food

and eat my rights before others.

And finally, if you are left with any money

buy me a placard

in the shape of a necklace

I want to write on it in bold

I am a human being

I am still a human being.

I am a human being every day!


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