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Malaysia (63)
Feb 18 2021 11:51am
Malaysia: 'Reckless' plan for deportation to Myanmar puts lives at risk
More than 1,200 people to be returned to Myanmar next week Ongoing ...
Oct 22 2020 10:17am
Urgent Action outcome: Charges against union activists will not proceed
On 2 October 2020, five activists who were charged for “unauthorised g...
Jul 22 2020 11:08am
Malaysia: court ruling against caning Rohingya refugees welcomed
Responding to news that earlier today a Malaysian court ruled to set a...
Jul 20 2020 12:52pm
Malaysia: Rohingya refugees face 'vicious' caning sentences
Men face caning and months in jail for supposed immigration offences i...
Jun 19 2020 12:21pm
Malaysia: Threat to force 269 Rohingya boat people back to sea is a 'new low'
Vessel landed at Langkawi island on 8 June, with woman’s dead body and...
Apr 8 2020 4:21pm
Malaysia: More than 200 Rohingya boat refugees at coronavirus risk
Boat with 202 Rohingya found adrift off Malaysian coast three days ago...
Nov 18 2019 4:41pm
Malaysia: 'vicious' caning of four men for alleged gay offences condemned
Cruel punishments come after sting operation from authorities, with 11...
Oct 10 2019 7:30am
Malaysia: Unfair trials and secret hangings - new death penalty report
Malaysia must fulfil its promise to abolish the death penalty by swift...
Jan 4 2019 11:59am
Urgent Action good news: Syrian refugee granted asylum in Canada
Hassan al-Kontar has been granted asylum and arrived in Canada on 26 N...
Oct 30 2018 11:48am
Urgent Action: Syrian refugee at imminent risk of deportation from Malaysia
Syrian refugee Hassan al-Kontar is at imminent risk of deportation to ...