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El Salvador (49)
Apr 25 2022 5:35pm
El Salvador: State of emergency has created a 'perfect storm' of human rights violations
State of emergency imposed last month has been extended Children ag...
Sep 17 2020 4:50pm
Tens of thousands locked up in "punitive" state-run quarantine centres across Venezuela, El Salvador and Paraguay - new report
90,000 Venezuelans, 16,000 Salvadorians and 8,000 Paraguayans locked u...
Feb 10 2020 10:00am
El Salvador: Deployment of security forces in parliament raises alarm over future of human rights
‘The Salvadoran people do not deserve to relive years of tragedy and s...
Sep 12 2019 5:37pm
Alejandra is free!
Alejandra was repeatedly sexually assaulted In El Salvador by gang...
Sep 12 2019 5:37pm
Thank you for taking action
After human rights defender Cristina Palabay found herself on a go...
Sep 6 2019 9:55pm
El Salvador: Prosecutors must not criminalise Evelyn Hernández
El Salvador’s public prosecutor’s office is appealing the decision to ...
Aug 20 2019 8:37am
El Salvador: Acquittal of Evelyn Hernández is a victory for human rights
An appeals court in El Salvador today acquitted Evelyn Hernández of ch...
Feb 15 2018 4:16pm
El Salvador: Woman jailed in stillbirth case released after 10 years in prison
Teodora del Carmen Vásquez, who was jailed following pregnancy-related...
Dec 14 2017 10:19am
El Salvador: Failure to release woman jailed for miscarriage 'outrageous' injustice
Responding to the news that an El Salvador court will not release a wo...