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Action for Individuals (774)
Feb 2 2017 6:50pm
The ritual murders of people with albinism in Malawi
Two-year-old Whitney was abducted from her bed while she was sleeping....
    Jan 11 2017 1:22pm
    Iran: Former child bride executed after stillbirth
    Zeinab Sekaanvand Lokran came from a poor, conservative Iranian-Kurdis...
      Jan 10 2017 5:27pm
      Facing firing squad for drugs crimes in Indonesia
      Ten people face execution in Indonesia, where they are convicted of dr...
        Jan 6 2017 6:25pm
        Why Edward Snowden should be pardoned
        He stood up for our rights, starting a global debate on mass surveilla...
          Dec 9 2016 12:19pm
          On human rights day, send a message of hope
          Written by Bonface Ophiyah Massah, National Coordinator of APAM, the A...
          Dec 4 2016 10:00pm
          Write for rights at the cinema
          We are very grateful to the Phoenix film society for giving us the opp...
          Nov 28 2016 12:01pm
          Write for Rights Campaign
          Join the Devizes Amnesty Group in sending messages of hope to those ar...
          Nov 4 2016 5:07pm
          Educator Resource: Individual at Risk Case Sheets
          This resource supports educators to take action with students for an i...
            Oct 3 2016 5:00pm
            My wife, imprisoned in Iran for six months and counting
            By Richard Ratcliffe Today marks six months since my wife, Nazanin, w...
            Sep 30 2016 12:37pm
            Boris urgently needs to put Nazanin and Kamal on his agenda
            When Boris Johnson steps up to the mic at the Conservative Party Confe...