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2013 (18)
Oct 6 2020 6:12AM
Reggie Clemons

The Reggie Clemons appeal continues. At the monthly meeting, greeting cards were circulated and a dozen cards were posted on 12 October to the USA.

Oct 6 2020 6:12AM
Death penalty signing

On an extremely cold day in the market place in Salisbury on 19 November, we did a signing against the death penalty and in particular for Reggie Clemons in the USA. There was a good turnou

Oct 6 2020 6:12AM
Letter received from Reggie Clemons!

It is rare that we get a response from our letter writing and campaigning so it is heartening to report that on 26 November, we received a reply from Reggie Clemons #reggieclemons.&nbsp

Oct 6 2020 6:12AM
Monthly death penalty summary

Attached is the monthly death penalty report prepared by Lesley and which contains details of this months urgent actions.

May 18 2020 5:43PM
Sermon by Nicholas Mercer

Attached is the sermon delivered by Rev Nicholas Mercer at the annual Amnesty Service at the Cathedral. It contains much that is shocking. We are grateful to him for coming and for sending

May 18 2020 5:41PM

The last few weeks have seen some extraordinary events unfold. We have seen with the revelations from Edward Snowden that the trust we had in our politicians – either to represent us as citizens or to demonstrate that they are capable...

May 18 2020 5:18PM
Chinese journalist released

A Chinese journalist, Shi Tao, who was imprisoned for 10 years including some in a forced labour camp, has just been released it has been reported. His case caused a furore at the t

May 18 2020 5:16PM
Cathedral Service

On Thursday 17th, there was a service for Amnesty at the Cathedral attended by over 80 people. We were pleased to welcome the Rev Nicholas Mercer who ga

May 18 2020 5:15PM
Anniversary of the Human Rights Act

September 3rd marked the 60th anniversary of the ratification of the European Convention on Human Rights and Amnesty is marking the anniversary with an illustrated guide to the rights it protects.&

May 18 2020 5:06PM
Lobbying Bill

Some members of Amnesty may have been concerned that the proposed Lobbying Bill, slipped out just before the recess, would have meant that - in common with almost all other charitable organisations - they would not have been able to...