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2014 (9)
Jan 27 2014 10:26AM
January meeting minutes

Attached are the minutes of the January meeting with thanks to Karen. We discussed the death penalty #deathpenalty and North Korea #NorthKorea among other matters.

Feb 10 2014 2:09PM
Newsletter published

The current issue of the #newsletter is now available to download as a pdf. The printed version will be available to members at the meeting on Thursday 13th and then in St Thomas' Church; th

Jan 29 2014 6:18PM
Essay competition

Following the #Citizenship day held at Bishop Wordworth's School in Salisbury last year, we offered a prize to that school and South Wilts to write an essay on the subject 'Is there still a ro

Mar 10 2014 5:39PM
New site

Thissite is now closed for new entries In future, material will be posted to our new site at and this site

Feb 14 2014 6:12PM
UN report on N Korea

A report into the multiple human rights infringements in N Korea #northkorea is about to be published by the UN and a story about this is attached. North Korea is largely closed to foreigners an

Feb 13 2014 10:35AM
Southern Region conference

Regrettably, this has been postponed until the Autumn. A combination of poor weather and the cancellation by our keynote speaker meant it was best to do this.

Jan 24 2014 5:50PM
Urgent action: Iraq

We attach an urgent action concerning the death sentence for two men in Iraq #deathpenalty #Iraq. The judicial process is very unfair and the use of torture and coercion to secure convictions is

Jan 9 2014 10:43AM
December minutes

Minutes of the December meeting are attached. Thanks to Karen.

Jan 8 2014 8:43PM
January Meeting

We held the January meeting on 9th and discussed the following: The idea of a conference, either with the Cathedral or otherwise