May 2014 (9)
Nov 19 2014 6:01PM
Stop Torture - Alfreda Disbarro
November 2014 update: You can now sign an online petition asking for justice for Alfreda here:
May 27 2014 2:08PM
Turkey: Further information on deaths in Istanbul’s Okmeydanı district
Amnesty International's response to the recent deaths in Turkey.…
May 19 2014 6:12PM
Stop Torture campaign - The legal basis against torture
The legal basis against torture has been clearly established for many decades. It stems from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 .
May 13 2014 6:08PM
Stop Torture - Media coverage
There has been wide media coverage of the launch of Amnesty's campaign to Stop Torture. Here is a selection of links to the many articles.
May 13 2014 5:56PM
Stop Torture
The Bloxham Group have signed up to the wordwide Amnesty campaign to Stop Torture.
May 13 2014 5:10PM
Turkey's Tyrant in the Making
If democracy and political Islam can't coexist and thrive in Ankara, is there no hope for the rest of the Middle East?
May 10 2014 10:52AM
Nigeria: Find and protect abducted schoolgirls
Over 240 schoolgirls are still missing, weeks after they were abducted from their school by armed militant group Boko Haram.
May 10 2014 10:42AM
Turkish Evening - Fri 9 May, 7.30pm
Thank you to Mark Jones for an excellent talk on the current human rights situation in Turkey.
May 10 2014 10:40AM
May meeting
Our regular meeting takes place on Monday 12 May at 23 Colegrave Road, Bloxham OX15 4NT at 8pm.