Stop Torture

The Bloxham Group have signed up to the wordwide Amnesty campaign to Stop Torture.

All over the world people just like you are being tortured right now. Imagine being beaten, electrocuted, having your face cut, having your fingernails pulled out.

We are in the grip of a global crisis and we need your help to stop torture and make two-faced governments stick to their promises.

You can sign up to the campaign here

It's aims to stop torture:

  • By sharing the truth that it is barbaric, inhumane, can never be justified - and is happening now.
  • By standing between the torturer and the tortured - defending those at risk of torture and taking action for survivors. 
  • By calling on governments to stop breaking their promises and respect the right of all of us, everywhere, to live free from torture

Over the next two years we will be focusing on five torture offenders; Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Philippines and Uzbekistan, and within these countries five individuals who have survived torture.

Sign up to our campaign now and you will join millions of others around the world helping us to stop torture.

There are two attached documents which explain in further detail about the torture campaign and the results of a global survey about public attitudes to torture.

Torture media briefing document
Global survey - attitudes to torture 2014
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