Jul 8 2020 11:03AM
Next online meeting Mon 20 July

NEXT GROUP MEETING, MON 20 JULY 7.30-9.00PM Please do join us for our next virtual meeting, to which all are welcome. Following our taking on a new case concerning pastoralist communities in Angola facing violation of their land rights...

May 18 2020 5:59PM
Write for Rights event Saturday 25 November

Each year Amnesty organises a global campaign for supporters to write messages of hope and encouragement to individuals whose human rights are under attack in various parts of the world. For details of this year's campaign see https:/...

May 18 2020 5:58PM

Everyone is warmly invited to participate in our annual signing of greetings cards for individuals suffering human rights abuses in different parts of the world, as part of Amnesty's Write for Righ

May 18 2020 5:48PM
Stop Torture: Mexico - Ángel Colón freed after six years in jail

Six years too late, prisoner of conscience and victim of torture Ángel Colón has finally been released from jail in Mexico. Thousands of you took action to demand his release – thank you.

May 18 2020 5:48PM
Stop the Torture victim released!

Bus driver and father of four Adrián Vásquez Lagunes was released from prison on 2 December near Tijuana, Mexico, more than three years after he was arrested and tortured by state police and accuse

May 18 2020 5:40PM
Italy: Stop segregation and forced evictions of Roma

Three years ago, Italian authorities moved over 300 Romani children, women and men to a segregated camp in the town of Giugliano, o

May 18 2020 5:37PM
South Midlands Regional Conference 31 Jan 2015

Are you an activist in the Midlands?

May 18 2020 5:37PM
South Midlands Regional conference 2016

The Conference will take place at the Royal Latin School, Buckingham on the 30th of January 2016. 10:30 till 16:30.

May 18 2020 5:36PM
Help Syria's refugees

Over 2 million people have fled the conflict in Syria over the last two years. Another 4.25 million are displaced within Syria, homeless from war, but trapped inside a war zone.

May 18 2020 5:36PM
UK will take vulnerable refugees from Syria

This week the government announced that the UK will work alongside the UN refugee agency, the UNHCR, to identify and resettle some of the most vulnerable refugees from the Syrian conflict, providing e