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2020 (13)
Dec 2 2020 11:05AM

We have launched our first online fundraising campaign. Banbury Amnesty Group aims to raise £600 to help to campaign to support starving pastoral farmers forced off their grazing land as drought grips southern Angola. Starvation is...

Nov 30 2020 11:20AM

The Group has produced it's first Newsletter (Download below) to give a good overview of our activities. If you have any queries on anything in the newsletter of would like more information, or would be interested in helping with the...

Nov 22 2020 9:44AM
Next online meeting Monday 21 December

The next monthly meeting of Banbury Amnesty Group will be Monday 21 December 7.30-9.00pm at which we'll review action taken on the campaign and discuss any further activity. We'll also be reviewing status on our ongoing adopted cases...

Nov 18 2020 5:20PM
Write for Rights Monday 7 December

This year we will be holding Write for Rights online on Monday 7 December 7.30pm . It's the time of year when Amnesty launches "Write for Rights", its biggest regular global campaign for particular individuals in different parts of the...

Nov 4 2020 12:50PM
Can you help with our campaigns?

The group has taken on two very important 'Individuals at Risk' cases recently and to campaign effectively we would appreciate your help. Our first case regards the awful plight of communities (over 65,000 people) in the Gambos region...

Nov 3 2020 1:01PM
Next online meeting Monday 16 November 7.30pm

All are welcome to our next regular monthly meeting, whether you've attended a meeting before or not. We will be discussing our two Individual At risk cases in China and Angola. We'll also be discussing our participation in the AI...

Sep 25 2020 8:44AM
Next online meeting Mon 19 October

NEXT REGULAR MEETING - MON 19 OCT, 7.30PM All are welcome to our next regular monthly meeting, whether you've attended a meeting before or not. We should be able to update the group on our China case following the 30 Sept briefing...

Aug 31 2020 11:19AM
Local Groups under lockdown Blog

Local Groups have been forced to innovate during lockdown and many have managed to develop and learn. Ian Myson has written a blog for us explaining how the Banbury group have managed virtual meetings, the pros and cons, and talks us...

Jul 8 2020 11:03AM
Next online meeting Mon 20 July

NEXT GROUP MEETING, MON 20 JULY 7.30-9.00PM Please do join us for ou r next virtual meeting, to which all are welcome. Following our taking on a new case concerning pastoralist communities in Angola facing violation of their land...

Mar 28 2020 9:51AM
Online meetings

Due to the current restrictions on meetigs and social distancing we will conduct all meetings online. We will carry on camaigning for those who are denied justice, fairness and truth.