2012 (9)
Dec 19 2012 2:07PM
Successful greetings card events
We had two very successful greeting card signing events with a record number of cards to political prisoners signed.
Nov 10 2012 7:43PM
Greetings card signings
‘After reading some of the thousands of letters, cards and messages sent to me by Amnesty supporters, I began to hope that I would soon be free.’ Patrick O
Oct 2 2012 2:06PM
October monthly meeting
Our next regular monthly meeting is on Monday, 8 October, at 8pm at 23 Colegrave Road, Bloxham OX15 4NT . All are very welcome.
Sep 23 2012 10:47AM
Banbury Strings concert
We had a wonderful concert last night by the Banbury String Players conducted by Rhian Frankcom, lead by Claire Hedges with a beautiful guest soloist performance by Rachel Slade.
Sep 11 2012 11:47AM
Monthly meeting actions
We had a successful monthly meeting last night finalising arrangements for the Banbury Strings concert in aid of amnesty at St Mary's Church, Bloxham on Saturday 22 September.
Aug 10 2012 2:24PM
Ferhat Gerçek
The trial of our groups 'adopted individual' Ferhat Gerçek continues to drag on.
Aug 9 2012 7:31PM
Next meeting
Our next meeting is at 8pm Monday 10 September at 23 Colegrave Road, Bloxham OX15 4NT.
Aug 9 2012 9:14AM
Concert in aid of Amnesty
Our next event is a Concert in aid of Amnesty at 7.30pm on Saturday 22 September in St Mary's Church, Bloxham .
Aug 8 2012 10:17AM
Garden Party