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Ferhat Gerçek

The trial of our groups 'adopted individual' Ferhat Gerçek continues to drag on. In October 2007 Ferhat Gerçek, 18, was shot in the back by police and paralysed following a dispute in the street over the sale of a legal political magazine. Seven police officers face trial for the shooting, but flaws in the investigation mean that the officer who shot Ferhat Gerçek may evade justice. To date none of those implicated have been suspended from duty - despite ballistic tests matching the bullet found in Ferhat Gerçek to a police gun.

Meanwhile, Ferhat is also on trial in connection with the dispute. He faces charges including “criminal damage” which could lead to a 15 year prison sentence. The 10th hearing in 5 years was held in April. One of the seven policeman charged with “wounding with excessive use of force” (rough translation) was present. The judge transferred the matter to a higher court (where three judges sit with the state prosecutor); the court address and date has yet to be set.

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