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Turkey (257)
Sep 29 2023 2:01pm
Saudi Arabia: still no justice for state-sanctioned murder of Jamal Khashoggi
Ahead of fifth anniversary (2 Oct) of journalist’s brutal killing in T...
Jul 19 2023 5:35pm
Syria: UN General Assembly must reaffirm neutrality of aid deliveries
Concerns that Damascus will restrict aid flows after conditions placed...
Jun 6 2023 3:42pm
Turkey: 'Politically motivated' convictions of four human rights defenders quashed
After six years Amnesty Turkey’s founding members, Taner Kılıç and Idi...
Mar 6 2023 2:48pm
Syria: government forces and Turkey-backed armed groups have diverted earthquake aid
New testimonies show Assad’s forces and Turkey-backed Syrian National ...
Feb 7 2023 11:32am
Syria: earthquakes threaten people already ravaged by war in north-west
More than 5,000 killed by twin earthquakes   Four million people in ...
Jan 9 2023 3:03pm
Syria: UN Security Council must extend cross-border aid to avert 'humanitarian catastrophe'
With four million people in north-west Syria dependent on lifesaving s...
Nov 22 2022 1:50pm
Turkey: Convictions of former Amnesty staff overturned, but fight against 'curtailing of human rights' in country continues
Convictions of four human rights defenders, on trial since 2017, quash...
Oct 13 2022 9:20pm
Turkey: Passing of disinformation law a 'dark day for freedom of expression online'
New law could see people facing three-year jail terms for a retweet ...
Aug 31 2022 1:01am
Afghans fleeing Taliban shot at, detained and sent back at Iranian and Turkish borders - new report
Iranian security forces killed 11 people - including 16-year-old boy -...
Jul 18 2022 8:40pm
Protect the Protest: Amnesty warns against allowing those in power to make protest a crime
Black Lives Matter, MeToo and climate change have inspired millions to...