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Justice (117)
Mar 11 2021 2:05pm
Syria 10 Years On - Assad’s Pyrrhic Victory
By Kristyan Benedict - @KreaseChan It is not uncommon to hear comm...
Mar 6 2021 5:59pm
Friends & Families of Syria’s Disappeared Develop a Roadmap for Justice
Kristyan Benedict - @KreaseChan In the autumn of 2019, Syrian survi...
Feb 18 2021 10:00am
Sri Lanka: Government obstructing justice for historic crimes – new report
The Sri Lankan Government has launched a renewed crackdown that is obs...
    Feb 5 2021 8:59pm
    Israel/OPT: historic ICC ruling brings new hope to victims of crimes under international law
    Ruling opens way for an investigation into crimes committed in the OPT...
      Feb 4 2021 12:50pm
      Uganda: Ongwen's war crimes conviction by ICC represents long overdue justice
      Lord’s Resistance Army rebel group commander Dominic Ongwen today conv...
        Dec 22 2020 10:59am
        Why Did Austria Protect An Assad Regime Torture Chief?
        Syrian human rights activists want states to hold Austria to account f...
        Oct 12 2020 4:12pm
        Countless Brave Syrian Activists Made The Koblenz Torture Trial Possible
        By Mansour Omari Earlier this year, on April 23, a monumental event...
        Apr 15 2020 9:05pm
        Europe: Mass protests provide ‘ray of hope’ as human rights violations continue across region - new report
        Human rights defenders have been threatened, prosecuted, subjected to ...
          Jan 23 2020 11:06am
          Myanmar 'must comply' with ICJ ruling to protect Rohingya
          In response to today’s ruling by the International Court of Justice (I...
            Oct 30 2019 2:24pm
            Never Forget. Never Forgive. Syrians demand Justice
            Kristyan Benedict - @KreaseChan   The torment and lack of closur...