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2016 (16)
Dec 9 2016 2:48PM
Madeleine Moon MP celebrates Human Rights Day by taking action in support of Ilham Tohti

Every year Human Rights Day, which commemorates the adoption of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, reminds us of how important universal rights are. For everyone, everywhere. But sadly so many people all over the world still...

Dec 8 2016 5:18PM
Amnesty International's Parliamentary Reception for Human Rights Day

Yesterday, we were once again thrilled to be able to mark Human Rights Day with our annual Parliamentary Reception in the Speaker’s House of Westminster Palaces. Ministers, MPs and Peers joined Amnesty activists, staff, volunteers and...

Oct 5 2016 5:04PM
There are no borders to compassion

We have been asking party conferences across the UK whether we have done enough to tackle the refugee crisis. This week was the turn of the Conservatives. As everyone rushes from meeting to meeting at party conferences, trying to look...

Oct 3 2016 3:17PM
Labour conference: A call for more voices of kindness

I was last at Labour conference in 2009 – then I was in Brighton working for a Government Minister who was being lobbied by business, NGOs and individuals alike. Seven years on and I was back! Location: Liverpool. Purpose: to lobby for...

Aug 10 2016 2:15PM
Running or swimming for your life

I don’t know about you sports fans/political geeks but the Olympics and Paralympics feel like welcome break from a topsy-turvy rollercoaster of a political summer. A breather from Brexit and the ensuing chaos and political bickering...

Jul 13 2016 4:10PM
A new Prime Minister. A fresh start for human rights?

What a time to take over the reins of a country. Brexit fall out. A reported spike in hate crime, racism and xenophobia and a global refugee crisis in urgent need of political will and prioritisation… Welcome Theresa May. Welcome to...

Jul 8 2016 10:24AM
Our verdict on the Chilcot report

By Kerry Moscogiuri, our Director of Supporter Campaigning and Communications Among all that we heard in response to the Chilcot report, it was the heart-breaking press conference called by the families of the servicemen and women...

Jun 3 2016 3:55PM
Five reasons why the EU deal with Turkey is inhumane

One-in-one-out. Not a phrase you ever want to hear, but it must be especially hard to stomach when you’re fleeing your home to escape war, exploitation and persecution. The EU’s deal with Turkey sees refugees and other migrants...

May 18 2016 3:35PM
The déjà vu Queen’s Speech

You can’t beat the Palace of Westminster for a good ol’ slice of pomp and ceremony. Did you know that every year, ahead of the State opening of Parliament (or Queen’s Speech to the non-political geeks), the Beefeaters still sweep...

Mar 11 2016 6:00PM
Urgent: Stop the new Snooper’s Charter annihilating our rights

The UK government is rushing a bill through parliament that, if it becomes law, will violate the human rights of every single person in the UK. The Investigatory Powers Bill (IPB) – otherwise known as the Snooper’s Charter – is a...

Mar 8 2016 1:04PM
Seven reasons we still need to fight for women’s human rights

This post by Corallina Lopez-Curzi originally appeared on RightsInfo and is reproduced here with permission and thanks. Follow @rights_info on Twitter. Human rights are the basic minimum protections which every human being should be...

Feb 25 2016 7:15PM
LGBTI History Month: You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone

Did you know that you could have faced the death penalty for being gay in the UK? Admittedly you would have had to been around in the 1530s when the Buggery Act was brought in. Scarily, it remained a capital offence until 1861 (and...

Feb 2 2016 5:03PM
The UK must recognise Eritreans as the refugees that they are

We have all heard about the terrible situation in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq causing people to risk their lives and make the treacherous journey across the Mediterranean. However, what I have sadly come to realise is that not so many...

Jan 20 2016 4:07PM
Syria 2016: Why the UK government must do more

So, here we are: a new year and a new job. While most people were probably dreading the post-Christmas week back at work, as evidenced by the ‘backtowork’ hashtag on the first Monday back, I was one of the handful of excited and raring...

Jan 18 2016 5:50PM
Danger at every turn: women refugees seeking safety in Europe

It seems as though sexual violence against women and girls is constantly in the news, whether we are reading reports of: girls groomed into sexual exploitation and abuse across towns in the UK; the violence being meted out against...

Jan 5 2016 10:41AM
Four reasons the UK needs a New Year’s resolution on Saudi Arabia

New Year is often a time for reflection where we look at the year past and think about what challenges we will face for the new one and the changes we will make to meet them. Join the gym, look for a new job, or stop having to write...