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2015 (19)
Dec 10 2015 7:00AM
This Human Rights Day, make Waleed’s words famous

'The oppressor dies and he is forgotten, the free man is jailed and he is mentioned everywhere.' Waleed Abu al-Khair Today is Human Rights Day – marking the day when, 67 years ago, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights came into...

Dec 7 2015 5:00PM
Get Albert home for Christmas

The end was almost in sight for Albert Woodfox this year. First sent to solitary confinement in Louisiana, USA, in 1972, his four decades in isolation looked like they would be over when Albert’s original conviction was overturned (for...

Dec 3 2015 6:00PM
My husband, in prison for supporting human rights in Saudi Arabia

Samar Badawi's husband is Waleed Abu al-Khair, a prominent human rights lawyer in Saudi Arabia. Waleed is in prison, serving a 15-year sentence for speaking out about human rights. Words are not enough for me to express how proud I am...

Nov 26 2015 4:53PM
Papuan independence activist released after 10 years in prison for waving flag

On Thursday 19 November Filep Karma finally walked free after spending 10 years in prison for waving a flag in Indonesia. Of course, Filep should never have spent any time in prison but Amnesty welcomes his early release. Our actions...

Nov 10 2015 3:58PM
Speak up for Ali Aarrass – torture survivor on hunger strike

UPDATE 9 November 2015: Ali Aarrass suspended his hunger strike last week after 72 days. After visiting him last week, his family said that he was very weak, in pain and had lost a huge amount of weight. They feared for his life, so he...

Sep 25 2015 12:30PM
Writing in solidarity with Albert Woodfox

Back in June a US Judge ruled that Albert Woodfox should be immediately released from prison, after his conviction of killing a prison guard was overturned for a third time. Albert, now 68, has spent the last four decades in solitary...

Aug 21 2015 4:08PM
Disciplined for toothpaste and Vanity Fair? Send a message of support to Chelsea Manning

A tube of expired toothpaste. Caitlyn Jenner’s infamous Vanity Fair magazine cover. Cosmopolitan magazine. Malala Yusafsai’s autobiography. The US Senate Report on Torture. What do all of these things have in common? They have all been...

Aug 12 2015 12:59PM
Raif Badawi, Saudi Arabia's political football

Football is, for some, an obsession. In the UK, it’s a sport that gets lots of people’s emotions going and in the office, now that the football season has begun, conversations about tactics and scorelines will start up once again too...

Jul 16 2015 2:35PM
This could be Raif’s chance – ask for his freedom

Today is day 1,147. Raif Badawi has been detained in Saudi Arabia for over three years now – and all for blogging, for encouraging debate, and exercising his right to free speech. His sentence upheld last month, Raif continues to serve...

Jul 15 2015 6:18PM
Solitary review: Albert’s treatment should be confined to history

‘I am allowed a brief moment out of my 6x9 feet world for one hour of exercise. This has been my routine for years. The pain and suffering goes beyond description.’ Albert Woodfox ‘Do we really think it makes sense to lock people alone...

Jun 20 2015 7:00AM
This Father’s Day, send a message of support to Raif Badawi and his family

"We are waiting for the day when your flight will land in Montreal. You will see me waiting for you and crying. I won't stop until you have taken me in your arms and dried my tears." Doudi, Raif Badawi’s son Ten-year-old Doudi and his...

Jun 17 2015 1:14PM
After four decades on Japan's death row, Okunishi should be retried, not hanged

Okunishi Masaru is Japan’s longest serving death row inmate. This week marks 43 years since Japan's Supreme Court confirmed Okunishi's death sentence, two years after he was sent to death row. Okunishi has spent over half his life...

Jun 11 2015 12:20PM
Raif’s lashes could resume tomorrow – we need your urgent help

Update 12 June: Raif not flogged - for now Raif wasn't flogged this morning - the authorities gave no explanation to the reason behind this. While it's a relief that he was not lashed, the threat of flogging continues each and every...

Jun 5 2015 3:27PM
Keep marchers safe at Kyiv Pride

Update, 9 June: Kyiv Pride went ahead on Saturday with around 250 people marching in the Ukrainian capital. Unfortunately events were marred by homophobic violence that left 10 marchers and 5 police officers injured, despite over 1500...

May 15 2015 4:42PM
Torturing a 10-year-old rape victim

Every now and then there comes along a case that seems too tragic to comprehend- where cruelty from one individual to another is compounded and amplified by a callous governmental response. That is how I feel about the case of a 10...

Feb 28 2015 9:05AM
50 days since 50 lashes - why won't Saudi Arabia release Raif Badawi?

Tell Raif Badawi you have not forgotten him 50 days ago, a 29-year-old man serving a ten-year prison sentence in Saudi Arabia was taken from his cell and driven to a square in Jeddah in a district populated with government buildings...

Feb 13 2015 5:34PM
'Awaiting my execution': Stop Saman's execution

Update, 10 March: After thousands of you around the world took action in February, it's now clear Saman's scheduled execution never took place on 19 February. For several days after Saman's scheduled execution date, no information came...

Jan 8 2015 8:02PM
Stop Raif Badawi from being flogged for blogging

Update: 11am, Friday 9 January Raif Badawi was publicly lashed 50 times after Friday prayers today. Handcuffed and shackled, Raif was led to a square in front of the al-Jafali mosque in Jeddah, watched by a crowd. He was lashed on his...

Jan 5 2015 4:11PM
The Power of Urgent Actions in 2014

It is not all doom and gloom. Because of you people have been freed, lives have been saved and justice has been done. Urgent Actions are at the heart of what we do and it is great when we can see what a difference they can make...