2010 (3)
Dec 16 2010 11:00AM
2010 success stories
From women standing up for the rights of a nine-year-old girl in Nicaragua to bloggers lampooning the Azerbaijani government on YouTube we have seen a number of successes this year to be really proud of. Below are a few of our highligh...
Nov 15 2010 11:00AM
“Wish you weren’t there” - send a postcard of your home town for Shaker Aamer
Funny things postcards, aren’t they? It was always the case that you’d usually get back from holiday before your postcards did. Now that you’ll have been showing off about sunny weather and cheap cocktails in tweets and Facebook status...
Aug 10 2010 12:00PM
An update on some of our cases
Throughout July we’ve had some significant news in a number of our ongoing cases: Some has been very exciting, with a number of people being released from prison. Unfortunately there’s been some bad news too, which highlights how impor...