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2018 (20)
Aug 24 2018 12:21PM
Edinburgh International Book Festival 2018

A guest blog written by Amnesty International Scotland volunteer, Hannah Buchan. ‘Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and...

Aug 20 2018 2:53PM
Freedom of Expression Award 2018

The Freedom of Expression Award honours an Edinburgh Festival Fringe theatre production of excellent artistic merit that builds understanding and raises awareness about human rights in an inspirational way. This year 40 longlisted...

Jun 21 2018 10:08PM
My First Pride

Guest blog by Amnesty International Scotland volunteer Emma Jevons Edinburgh held its annual 2018 Pride March on Saturday, and as a new volunteer with Amnesty International Scotland, I was beyond excited to get involved. Historically...

Jun 11 2018 10:02AM
The Brexit Advert in the Papers Today

Scottish organisations have paid for an advert in The Times and Herald about Brexit and protecting human rights.

Jun 6 2018 10:11AM
Planning for Pride 2018

Pride is an important part of our calendar. In Scotland we’re helping Amnesty’s local groups coordinate attendance at as many Prides as possible to raise awareness of the human rights implications of failures to respect LGBTI people’s...

May 28 2018 2:57PM
Liu Xia: Chinese poet under house arrest

Liu Xia has been under house arrest since 2010, but her fellow artists have not forgotten her.

May 24 2018 1:20PM
I am Aster

Today is Aster Fissehatsion's 67th birthday. The Eritrean politician was arrested in 2001 and has never been heard from since. To mark her birthday and Eritrea's Liberation Day we say "I AM ASTER".

May 14 2018 4:24PM
Tep Vanny: Jailed for defending her home

On 23 February 2017, Cambodian land rights activist Tep Vanny was sentenced to two and a half years in prison for ‘intentional violence with aggravating circumstances’ – her crime was mobilising the local community in Cambodia’s Boeung...

May 10 2018 10:50AM
Fighting the Twitter Trolls

Thousands of digital activists are helping us build an algorithm that can detect online abuse automatically. Here’s how you can join the online movement taking on the trolls.

Apr 26 2018 1:21PM
President of Malawi visiting the Scottish Parliament

Scotland and Malawi have a special relationship that dates back hundreds of years to the explorer David Livingston. Thanks to these connections the two countries have well established social, cultural and economic ties. From Scotland...

Apr 17 2018 11:49AM
Lessons in Collaboration

Jennie Joy from the University of Edinburgh Amnesty Group writes about the annual Scottish Student Conference Last month, Edinburgh University and Aberdeen University Amnesty Societies successfully co-hosted the annual Amnesty Scottish...

Apr 12 2018 2:26PM
Join our #TrollPatrol

Join our army of digital volunteers exposing sexist, racist and other abuse against women on #ToxicTwitter

Apr 12 2018 10:30AM
Suffragette Spirit artwork to be unveiled in Aberdeen

Today, global human rights organisation Amnesty International announces an artistic collaboration with arts festival Nuart Aberdeen.

Mar 27 2018 1:23PM
Yemen: Three years of devastating conflict and escalating human rights abuses

The conflict in Yemen has now been raging for more than three years. The war has had a devastating impact on the country. Yet Yemen still struggles to make international headlines.

Mar 22 2018 12:37PM
Times Up for #ToxicTwitter

Dear @Jack we hope you had enjoyed celebrating @twitter's 12th birthday and particularly all of the messages from our #ToxicTwitter campaign…

Mar 14 2018 12:51PM
Persuading Politicians

Amnesty International is one of multiple NGOs who are campaigning to change the laws around refugee family reunion, and on Friday 16 March we arrive at a pivotal moment. The proposal to change the law is being debated at Westminster...

Mar 8 2018 2:27PM
Solidarity with the sisterhood

On International Women's Day, Scotland Team Assistant and fervent feminist Juliet Swann reflects on steps forward and back for gender equality and celebrates two amazing international Women Human Rights Defenders. In some ways...

Mar 2 2018 12:44PM
Standing on the shoulders of our suffragette sisters

Kate Nevens, Amnesty Scotland's Interim Director reflects on the work of women campaigners here in Scotland and internationally. At Amnesty International, we campaign to end violence against women around the world and believe that...

Feb 22 2018 1:47PM
Improving legal gender recognition in Scotland

The Scottish Government are consulting on a review of the Gender Recognition Act which will help bring Scottish legislation in line with international best practice and we want you to respond! Read on to find out why and how.

Jan 5 2018 2:37PM
Immigration Detainees in the UK

A volunteer for Amnesty International shares the shock, anger and inspiration to highlight the plight of UK immigration detainees.