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2014 (5)
Sep 12 2014 2:02PM
Free to choose the future

Whatever your thoughts on the Scottish Independence Referendum – and whether you have chosen how you are going to vote, are undecided, or you are just over the whole thing, there is one thing, one incredible thing that we can all take...

Sep 3 2014 4:39PM
In harmony for human rights

Guest blogger Hyemin Yoo breaks for the Borders to judge a youth protest song competition As an Amnesty International student activist, I was invited by Amnesty Borders Group to attend (and judge!) the finals of the Voices for Change...

Mar 14 2014 6:09PM
Pulling focus on human rights in film

Amongst the great variety of quality films recognised during this year’s awards season, themes relating to human rights and social justice have received a strong and encouraging place in the limelight. The most notable example is ‘12...

Jan 31 2014 11:26AM
Getting the Rights Answers

Richard Hamer is Amnesty Scotland's Interim Programme Director. Oil, defence, the economy, the European Union and the Pound – a glance at the headlines would give the impression that these are the subjects which matter most to the...

Jan 21 2014 2:12PM
Oscars 2014: Human rights take to the stage in this year’s nominations

Guest blog by Campaigns volunteer Robin Sukatorn. With Hollywood’s annual summit of showbiz on the horizon once more, you would be forgiven for not eagerly anticipating a moving and inspiring evening of human rights-themed cinema. Yet...